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Shadows of Esteren - Book 0 Prologue
Publisher: Agate RPG
by Misael T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2015 08:25:37

I've never read an RPG book which mixes setting, and gameplay so well. The books reads like a story, while presenting a simple yet fun mechanic for roleplaying and combat. The RPG leans more to narrative game play like Dungeon World, and Numenera, but does not feel alien to DnD players. It's a refreshing game especially for new players like me (only played one game of DnD 3.5). It's easy to pick up, and easy for the game leader to guide one through.

I recently played one of the adventures presented in the epilogue on Roll20, and it was amazing! Everyone felt like they were an important and distinct part of the story, and ended up very satisfied with it's ending. We're planning on continuing as a campaign. I'd totally recommend this book. Can't wait to get Book 1: Universe.

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Shadows of Esteren - Book 0 Prologue
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