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TNE-0300 Traveller: The New Era
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
by Paxton K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2015 01:13:02

Ok, scan pretty crappy. Reading glasses helped.

Ok, why bother with something that that is that difficult to read? Because this is like the ultimate GDW game.

Not the rules. Not even exactly the setting.

I still have my first Traveller books from the boxed set. Almost 30 years ago exactly (it was a Christmas present), I started Traveller. The rules have never been its strongest point. Well and even the setting. To me what made Traveller "Traveler" was it was limitless worlds and cultures to explore. Each planet held such a vast realm of possibility. I have tried Mega, Advanced and T20.

Still I went back to basic. Overhauled the skill list. Modified the combat system. Tweeked the Power Plant fuel on starship design. Why no cell phones? Of course they have cell phones! But a Traveller communicator is Solid State, it works under all conditions. Same reason Marines use cutlasses and they use guns and not ray beams.

Twilight 2000, the original, was another love affair and I accepted her through all her awkwardness.

Finally, they have met.

Its been 16 years since Strephon's assassination and the whole Imperium gets nuked! Traveller made your character generation the end of gaining anything for the most part. Changing a number for the positive practically impossible. With this in mind, those characters make the perfect "survivors". Don't wait generations. What do you want mutations? Traveller TNE has done what Traveller did in the first place. Their are almost an infinite number of worlds to explore. just this time they are destroyed.

This may be the greatest version of Twilight ever made. Lose that APC in Poland. now that Tramp Free Trader may be the only one left in the ruins of a sector and the drives need an overhaul.

Traveller was never Star Wars or Star Trek. It was limited; but that to me made it limitless. The strange aliens were what Man could become if left alone for 500 years or simply chose to diverge that way. Star Wars was all flash and Star Trek was alien of the week and how really we are all the same deep down.

Traveller was about how everyone deep down was different and imperfect. Mankind finds a race that lives harmoniously by reading each other's thoughts. We declare war!

Do I recommend you buy it? Only if you love Traveller or the idea of Traveller. This rule system may work for you, if not, find one of Traveller's rule sets that do. This will sound messed up; but...

Marc Miller created a timeless game and setting. And the best thing that ever happened to it, is destroying it!

This will take Traveller my game for probably the rest of my life. 30 years of experiencing it and another 30 surviving it. I can't wait to figure out how to make a planet full of zombies! And every other way to destroy the Imperium!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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TNE-0300 Traveller: The New Era
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