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The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse $19.95
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Joshua H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2015 21:41:59

This is an AWESOME and well thought out End of the World book... the range of set ups, initial events, and then even post-apocalypse scenarios for all 5 situations are just really well written, thought out, and portrayed. I will admit I have not played through these with their RPG system.. so I cannot 100% say that it works on all levels as a gaming system, but just as an awesome and interesting read, a resource for any zombie game out there, and as a thought experiment for how different zombie apocalypses could play out in the modern world; this book is totally worth it and I'm psyched I picked it up.

I can only hope that more End of the World books are this good as I will definitely be buying whatever comes next... my only concern, which was expected based on the wide range that this book covers, is that the GM will have to flesh out the scenarios for their specific party... there is just no way you could expect a book like this to give you 5 full introductory adventures... and I'm fine with that, as the personalization of each group's Zombie Apocalypse should be based on the group and their location and not just a generic adventure... but again, even if I never run this system (which I am going to test out though!), I'll be happy with this purchase.

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The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse
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