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Wraith the Oblivion (1st Edition)
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Publisher: White Wolf
by jason l. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2014 00:50:04

Content: 10/10, Scan Quality: 6.5/10 I can't say enough good things about this game. The scan isn't perfect, but it does a decent job (the original print book is hard to read)

Wraith is a game that perhaps challenges the players a little too much. The setting and game constantly remind you of the ever looming approach of your own death and forces you to confront its reality.

You would think that makes the game depressing, but it's actually the opposite. The game becomes very life-affirming.

After a session of play, you will come out thinking and appreciating your own silly little life more. Your loved ones you take for granted will feel so much more precious to you. Your problems will not be so great and your existence will feel what it really is: a blessing.

Wraith, at its core, is about two major things: the things you leave behind after death and your own personal journey. What are your worst attributes? Can you feel your shadow tugging at your throughout the day? How do you confront it? If you were to leave this earth today, what would you miss the most? Do you appreciate it, or does its value get lost in the mad rush of daily life?

Wraith sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad, always challenging, and a complete home run as a medium for the art.

The writing, setting, general game mechanics are White Wolf at its best. Even if you aren't a big ghost-ish fan (I'm not), I promise you will get a lot out of this game.

Note: i originally wrote a bad review of the scan, but after looking at the original print cover, it's not so bad. The original book's first 35 pages were unreadable (who thought a grey background with black text was a good idea?).

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Wraith the Oblivion (1st Edition)
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