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Traveller Main Rulebook $23.99
Publisher: Mongoose
by Kevin M. Date Added: 06/10/2014 10:38:08

The art work is crap. Sorry but this is what helps set the pace and feel of the game. It had no connection to the past art of the game, too much FANTASY looking, not very Science Fiction looking.

And the ship floor plans are a nice touch, adding even the fighter. BUT they changed too much and non for the better.

This is first impression once I looked at it. Now I have not read the content, its surface glance. (It looks like the mechanics of the game match up with the old....) BUT this is often a indicator of if it would get a person to pickup the game and run with it.

The character sheet is TOO busy, I liked the clean simple form from the Classic Traveller. It s like who ever wrote the book and commissioned the art has no idea what Traveller is.

I am happy it is not the crappy Steve Jackson version.... but it has so much wrong:

  • Poorly organized. Its hard to tell when one section ends and another begins.
  • Art is HORRIBLE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The floor plan are NOT matching the ones already established. If you are going to deviate that much offer more then one, so to give players the notion that these varry...
  • PSION? Not Psionics? And my gawd! You make it over powered looking! It suppose to be rare, subtle, and well.... WTF happened!
  • The editors and authors need to look at what Classic Traveller is, even Mega Traveller, and maybe Digest Group Publishing's past works....
  • Clean up the silly stupid character sheets.

Regretting I bought this majorly.... Sticking to Classic Traveller now. In the immortal works of Eric Cartman: "Fudge you guys, I am going home!"

I am going to re-edit this crap to a tolerable level on my own.... wow..... I was expecting improvements, better art then even before.... ARGH! Absolute opposite!

So I ask: What happened? No, I mean it.... what happened???????

(There are players who do not care or seen to notice the art in a book, but I do. What are you trying to do? Make it look like Dragon Ball Z?) Where is the soap? Need to wash out my eyes....

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Traveller Main Rulebook
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