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Druid Ceremony - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts $1.49
Publisher: Ambient Environments
by William W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/06/2014 22:10:35

The Ambient Environments soundscapes are quality recordings that combine sound and music into an audio atmosphere for your storytelling games. Each track is ten minutes long, with no fade in/out at the start or end, making them perfect for continuous looping. While reviewing this series, I played each track in the background and often didn't notice when it had started over. The sound levels are compressed very well, which means that there will be very few distracting volume changes when you play these during a session. And at $.99, the price is very reasonable.

The Druid Ceremony soundscape features birds singing, deep male chanting, melodic female singing, and drums. This track is actually pleasing enough to listen to as background music even when you're not running a game!

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Druid Ceremony  - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
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