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Charismagic V1 #0 $0.00
Publisher: Aspen Comics
by John G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/19/2014 07:22:21

Most of the time, zero issues are a good way to get a taste of the story, characters, and style of a book's creators. Zero issues also get a little more slack than I might give a full issue in a storyline. They are meant as an introduction and a teaser. And usually they come at a nice discount. In this case, Aspen Comics has made the zero issue of Charismagic a free issue.

They start off well by giving us both variant covers. That's essential in a digital copy, and I'm glad to see it here. Particularly since the covers are in differing artistic styles. So, bonus points for even HAVING a variant for a free zero issue.

The next thing I look for in a zero issue is how quickly they can grab me into the story. They do an okay job here, with a panel of exposition starting in a diner booth. The lose points for conversation versus setting a tone, but they gain points with their mystical, obviously magical, woman with a hot neck tattoo. (Okay, I can be superficial - it is comics, and attractiveness isn't necessarily gratuitous).

The book gets high marks for the art, with a unique style that also happens to fit with the Aspen line. It's more angular than, say, a Michael Turner clone artist. The panels flow and are interesting.

The writing is fine, but some of the phrasing isn't natural. A few turns of words wouldn't really be said in real conversation - split sentences work fine while she is telling the background story, but don't work as well in general conversation. (For example, the line "Then maybe you should listen to your own warning, and...don't tell me you can't...feel it inside?" The split between "and" and "feel" is a bit awkward. I know it's a nitpick, but it does describe the style in some other sentences in the book.) But, the story gets across fine so I just chalk that up to my personal peeve and not a big deal.

The main character, I think, is introduced in the last few pages. This is Hank the Magnificient, a Las Vegas magician. We don't see much of him, and he seems likeable. I believe the creator wanted to show the contrast between the dark figures that make up most of the book and this goofy magician who has good confidence and possible good skills. I'd have liked to know more about him.

Even so, it's worth checking out - especially at the price! I will be reading more of this series to see how things unfold.

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Charismagic V1 #0
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