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Iron Heroes Bloodwood Setting
Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/02/2014 07:07:46

A 14 page guide to a small land along the shores of a great lake, with a further two pages dedicated to B&W and colour versions of a map of the region. It serves really as an introduction to a series of adventures - which, so far as I can tell, were never published.

Because of that, it's all rather vague. Although technically for the Iron Heroes system, it's actually all but system free, and so can easily be adapted to anything else. The only exception is the page or so on suggested PC traits, and even those are generic enough that they could be fitted to another character generation system without difficulty.

It's well written and coherent, with a good variety of settings within it, including dank fenlands, boisterous mining towns, pirate isles, scholarly and religious communities, and so on. The artwork is good too, although not extensive. On the other hand, the primary menace comes from the Bloodwood itself - which is never really described, presumably because that was the intended point of the adventures. It's really that, and the lack of anything particularly obvious to do that makes the product weak as a stand-alone.

I'll give it an extra star for being free, but, without the adventures, all you have here is the competently written outline of a fairly mundane region, under threat from something that's never described.

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Iron Heroes Bloodwood Setting
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