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The Climb $8.00
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games
by Larry O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2014 13:11:34

Played during a ski trip, so easy to get into the spirit!

Virtually all were newcomers to RPGs and we had a fun time. BUT we didn't develop enough conflict: there are only a few secrets/leverage/blackmail points. For instance, the Doctor said one of the "best climber" characters was too sick to summit and when she argued "It's my last shot," we all just said "Well, you're too sick, so no." We ended up cutting back the initial play period because we'd all run out of leverage points. The biggest leverage point -- an affair -- was almost instantly confronted and defused.

The walkie-talkie from Camp IV and the Summit was an excellent mechanic and we came up with a good story. One tip: Maybe have one of the Camp IV team be a "Narrator" to clarify things. For instance, the Summit team had a "carefully folded letter" that we decided resolved a conflict, but instead of narrating "So Susie, you had written a letter and put it in Tina's parka, wish she found and read, and now wants to talk to you on the walkie talkie..." we just played it out on the walkie-talkie and Susie was "What letter? What are you talking about?"

One HUGE question re mechanics: are the tokens (positive/negative events) chosen in character or as player interested in the game? For instance, I was the Meteorologist and although I was on the Summit Team, I chose the negative token because I wanted more conflict/intrigue. Another Summit Team member said he specifically chose the positive token because his character felt positive that he was summiting.

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The Climb
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