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Stay Alive!: Lite Edition Pay What You Want
Publisher: Darkshade Publishing
by Dan P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2014 20:48:33

I like it. Simple easy rules to update 7.5 T&T to a more modern world. Less of a head ache then Mercenaries Spies and Private Eyes was (if anyone remembers that game). Every thing here seems to work. Includes a Guts ability that works kind of like Sanity used in other systems. Guts also replaces Wizardry, since the focus here is not on powerful magic. You can keep Wizardry in if you want, but if there are spells to be used, I think they should be based on Strength to show that magic is more taxing in a modern world.

The author promises future world books, but this book seems most geared towards survival horror type of play (I already have some ideas brewing). The art is sparse, but then it is a "lite edition", but there is some art work that breaks up the words. My favorite is the design of the character sheet. It also features a nice Jeff Freels cover and additional interior artwork of his.

I recommend this for those wanting to update T&T to modern times, but not taking the game into outer space. Besides that, the price is right.

I hope this rules variation gets a lot more support.

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Stay Alive!: Lite Edition
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