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Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Joshua B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2013 14:11:37

First off, this RPG is amazing as long as you and your players are trying to have fun. It's rules are simple and the gameplay isn't really bogged down by a million rules that everyone is trying to remember. The game engine also leaves everything up to your groups imagination, and willingness to create there own Post-Apocalytic world, it took me and the other GM's a few brainstorming sessions to come up with a few maps of buildings and towns in order for the game to continue without have to make it up on the spot and hope everyones imagination is seeing what we wanted. I did have a few questions, I was just wondering what the "Concept" area on the character sheet was for, and I don't remember seeing a section describing how much Exp. is needed to advance a level. So my group and I have just come up with a very rough outline of leveling as according to Number of times you have played with the character equals your progress to the next level. So you have to play the character three different times to advance from 1-5 and then the number of sessions-to-level up increase. with it increasing every 5th level so 1-5, 6-10 etc. Next, theres no cigarettes, theres whiskey but no cigarettes so we just randomly find's a huge bartering item for our characters. Now, I find that my group of 6-8 have more fun than our 4-5 group. Even though the time may be extended for a group of the greater number, it is absolutely doable. The group has come a long way and has already found a suitable "Home Base" and fixed it up, Complete with Garage for our Greaser, and the Animal Handler has his little farm, while the scavenging team is out doing there thing with the Road Warriors and Drivers earning extra supplies by have a small "mom and pop" style supply distributing company. But, like I said, the amount of fun is directly reflected on your groups willingness to have fun. Whether your group is more walk around a Bartertown and Roll-play, or drive through a Metropolitan Wasteland area looking to fight Raiders or the Hostile Muties that have been harassing the supply lines; Your insured to have a good time. I hope you have as much fun with Atomic Highway as we have, and I'm sorry for the run on paragraph, I couldn't make it format into separate paragraphs. Thank You.

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Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying
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