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Raid on the Blackrock Mines $6.99
Publisher: Red Pub Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/25/2013 07:35:24

In an area ruled by a despotic princeling, it is best not to catch his attention. But if you do... well, you had best be prepared to demonstrate your loyalty in a spectacular stunt.

Opening with the historical background, provided mostly for scene-setting reasons as it is not of great importance for this adventure but will be in those that follow, the plot begins when the party are noticed by the local Thieves' Guild (which now has quasi-legal status as the princeling's enforcers) as either possible recruits or as threats to their cushy little number - various suggestions are made as to how you can effect this. This is followed by the offer of the chance to serve the locals by clearing out a tribe of kobolds that are causing problems... the sort of offer it is best not to refuse.

The actual adventure, in the main an exploration of the kobold's lair in a deserted coal mine, is presented clearly and with plenty of atmosphere to bring the scene to life. All the details necessary to run each encounter are provided just where you need them, and there is a good variety of things to figure out, traps to avoid, features to notice and opponents to fight.... and there is a surprising yet cinematic chase scene to enjoy!

A wealth of maps are provided, to the level of having the ENTIRE MINE provided as battlemaps... complete with an element of 3D as all doorways are designed to stand upright.

A neat first-level adventure with excellent supporting features, good as a campaign starter or at least very early on, especially if you like the political intrigue in the background. Recommended.

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Raid on the Blackrock Mines
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