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Burning Wheel Gold: Hub and Spokes
Publisher: Burning Wheel
by Chelsea B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/21/2018 14:14:52

This is simply a preview of the system, not the whole thing. I think it's awesome of the publishers to hand this out for free so you can assess the system before getting a full PDF or picking up the book. It's awesome that it's the actual first few chapters, if you read all of this you don't need to re-read the same material but "correct" if you decide to jump into the system, you can just jump into the details. My friends and I have already decided to play Burning Wheel for our next game, so I'm waiting for a physical book to get here. Kudos and 5 stars for letting me get started with learning the system while I wait.

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Burning Wheel Gold: Hub and Spokes
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