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Goin\' Postal
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Goin' Postal
Publisher: Stardust Publications
by David W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/21/2012 22:03:20

Goin' Postal- I've got to admit that when I saw this I immediately had mixed feelings... as a shameless fan of the PC game Postal 2 I found myself thinking "Oh how can a paper and dice game top THAT experience"... and then as a game designer myself of paper and dice games and a huge advocate for bringing the table top gaming feel back to fashion I couldn't help but to be intrigued. For the most part, I was quite pleased. The game is a nice strategic board game that does not take a whole lot of time to play out... something that is good for me, my wife, and my oldest stepdaughter during one of those winter storm power outages... we live out in the country so not seeing power in the winter for two or three days at a stretch is not uncommon.... and my stepdaughter has no interest in learning the intricate bits of role playing games so board games are a must... she will play them, especially if they are violent and have a "punk rock" feel to them. Goin' Postal definitely has that.

The game board is a bit bland in appearance, my greatest beef here, but otherwise the game is fairly solid.... and fun in a very "bet you didn't think THAT was going to be the gaming flavor for the evening" sort of way. Overall I have to give it 4 stars... not totally where it could be, perhaps, but certainly enough fun regardless.

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