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Lost Kingdoms Setting
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Lost Kingdoms Setting
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Dennis S. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/14/2011 12:17:32

This product used to be free, which was a good price point for it. I'm not so sure it is as worth at "app priicng." The product is extremely bare-bones, and while some of it is creative, most of it is composed of tropes that are extremely common to fantasy, played extremely straight.

Opening the document, one is greeted with about 3 of those pages worth of a miniature sermon on The Good Old Days™. You remember those: the ones where you kicked down doors, no setting detail needed explanation, nobody had a name except the player characters, and there were no "plot hooks" or "politics." If those days were not good for you, the author asks you to back away! The opening is mildly defensive and repetitive in its explanation of the product. It really has only one thing to say about the product – either you're "the type of person who'd enjoy it" or you are not.

The rest of the document consists of an outline of places in a nameless town (which, as the document points out to you often and pointedly, it is up to you name), and several small descriptions of outdoor locations like the "Wyvern Plains" and the "Crystal Lake." The descriptions are short, taking from a third of a page to half a page. While some are mildly interesting – such as the mountain walls lined from graffiti that, perhaps, was left there by older travelers – most of them are just vague retreads of fantasy tropes you could have really come up with yourself. The Goblin Forest is filled with goblins, being pesky and awaiting death. The Wyvern Plains are home to a pack of nasty wyverns, being pesky and awaiting death. There is a lost city, its Graveyard being the part the author calls most attention to, because Vampires lie in its catacombs, being pesky and awaiting death. A gypsy in town sells herbal things.

The product has a clean layout, readable fonts and is bookmarked. It is simple, but well-put-together.

Is it worth it to get this product? If you are very hard-up on ideas, having some kind of outline already done, and enslaving yourself to it, may be worth it as a creative exercise. Otherwise, it is simply too barren. While it is in good company with other free old school products, as a commercial item it could use some expansion.

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