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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG) $2.96
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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/15/2016 14:04:11

Haunts are great! They are part traps, part undead, but more interestingly, they are useful to create an atmosphere and tell a story. The haunts contained herein are well crafted and all have nice background that can generate a short adventure or be a ppart of a greater story. We even get a haunted location, The Temple of the Worm God that could the center of an adventure in itself. The background details are abundant.

All the haunts in this book are narrative gold and will help a GM craft interesting haunted locales.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Eric H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/11/2011 20:20:47

Yet another of the well-done Rite Publishing PDFs on haunts, this one with the theme of, as the title says, haunted objects. These are not haunts hidden away in creepy castles or haunted mansions. These are haunts that can show up virtually anywhere.

We get the usual in-character prologue, and then the haunts themselves.

In order and with CR, they are:

Common Shiny Haunt, CR 2 (Object appears as it did when its ghostly owner was alive)

The Bloody bed, CR 1 (Haunted bed that can kill badly wounded yet stabilized people laid in it)

The Charred Chair, CR 2 (Corpse of a torture victim animates and answers anyone question; oddly helpful for a haunt)

The Cruel Crop, CR 2 (Bloodsoaked riding crop that frightens animals)

The Decadents' Dance, CR 8 (Sculpted dancers freeze onlookers in place until they can escape)

The Determined Device, CR 1 (Haunt repairs and resets a disarmed trap; a nasty surprise for overconfident rogues)

The Doomed Diary, CR 2 (You get the terrifying memories of the last owner; very classically Lovecraftian!)

The Fascinating Flute, CR 5 (Flute forces its player to dance until they can break free)

The Ghostly Guardians, CR 7 (Throne manifests phantom warriors)

The Greedy Garden, CR 1 (Get attacked by spiked vines)

The Hellishly Hot Handle, CR 1 (Haunted doorknob burns the hands of anyone touching it)

The Lonely Locket, CR 6 (Alters appearance to that of former owner)

The Malicious Marionette, CR 5 (Classic nasty animated marionette)

The Mortician's Mirror, CR 5 (Deathly reflection tears away some of your soul)

The Mortician's Mirror II, CR 9 (And if you touch it, you get trapped inside of it!)

The Murderer's Mannequin, CR 3 (When it laughs, so do you...)

The Necromantic Necklace, CR 3 (Animates a zombie to attack you)

The Paranoid's Portrait, CR 5 (Picture fills you with uncontrollable fear)

The Phantasmal Feast, CR 3 (Makes rotting or poisoned food look safe)

The Philanderer's Flask, CR 1 (Turns contents into poison if a woman is near)

The Possessive Pane, CR 6 (Window traps souls and forces them to stare out forever)

The Shaitan's Shadow, CR 7 (Shadow puppet who manifests killer illusions)

The Sightless Skull, CR 2 (It blinds you when you touch it)

The Tenacious Trap, CR 3 (Activates a bypassed trap)

The Tarot's Terror, CR 5 (Haunted Tarot deck inflicts any number of baleful effects)

The Tyrant's Toy Puzzle Palace, CR 11 (Toy palace that imprisons anyone who opens it within; a very cool idea!)

The Willful Wife's Wardrobe, CR 2 (Summons a swarm of spiders)

Then comes the best part of this PDF, three interconnected haunts together with a ghost and adventure location, the Temple of the Worm God. Suffice to say that, combined, this will make for one truly nasty encounter, and one that can easily have long-lasting repercussions if you don't figure out exactly how to defuse the last haunt!

Great piece of work, and a steal at the price.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/01/2011 17:35:46

30 Haunts of Objects by Rite Publishing

This product is 15 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (1 ½ page) It starts with a IC introduction and then gets into the different types of haunts etc.

Haunted Objects (8 ½ pages) In this section we get 30 haunted objects, they range from a jewelry, paintings, mirrors, to larger objects like beds etc. The range from CR 1 to 11. There is 27 single haunted objects and one with several haunts tied to it. A few of the ones that caught my eye. The Cruel Crop – causes animals to be afraid of the crop. The Doomed Diary – made by a young artist that joined a death cult, those that read it start to gain the memories of the diary. The Hellish Hot Handle – a door knob gotten from a old house that burned down. It can make those smell smoke and those gripping feel panic for those trapped inside and the knob heats up like heat metal spell. The Necromantic Necklace – very cool story to it, it can cause the dead to rise as undead. The Tarots Terror – a haunted tarot card deck. There is 4 different effects based on the cards drawn during a reading.

It ends with a OGL and ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. There is a mix of color and black and white art in this product. They style is older style of art that Rite Publishing is becoming known for. They range from fair to pretty good. Editing and layout was pretty good but I did notice a few minor errors such as a * in the middle of a word for no apparent reason, but all and all nothing that made the product hard to understand and use. I honestly could have listed a lot more examples I liked virtually all the haunted objects to one degree or another. Though a few of the objects I felt could have used a bit more history and or explanation to them. I also felt a few of them could have gone a bit further. That and I wish there had been a lot more of them, especially of the smaller more personal objects one could place in a dungeon, haunted house etc and expect the PC's to maybe pick up and keep. So what's my rating? I thought it was very good but could have used a bit more polish so I am going to settle for a 4.5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dawn F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/01/2011 10:53:04

First off, I absolutely love the picture of Pandora opening the box on the cover. It is an excellent bit of art and sets the tone for the remainder of the product. Once again, this newest addition to the #30 series has all those little touches which delight the reader, whether the contents are ever used in a campaign or not. I do recommend, though, that you find a way to add these haunts in your game. Just as with the Haunts for Ships and Shores, I intend to find a way to include some of these in my game, though I will have to include a side-trek adventure to do so.

As has become tradition, this addition to the Haunts series includes an in character discussion which is entertaining for the game master. In this is a note, which could be provided to players whole or in pieces as a prop for an adventure. What follows is a brief set of notes on types of haunts in this booklet, the most interesting one being the Gaze-Triggered haunts, which add to the types of haunts listed in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide. This type of trigger makes it more difficult for cautious PCs to avoid and thus more interesting to me as a GM.

What follows are a series of 27 Haunts of varying difficulties from CR 1 to CR 9, some of which are associated with one another. I need to find a way to add “The Cruel Crop” and “The Determined Device” as well as a number of others which are not really very dangerous for my players, but will add some fun to otherwise ordinary encounters. “The Fascinating Flute” is another one that I want to include, if only because flutes have become somewhat of an in-joke amongst my players. Any chance I get to personalize adventures for my players I will take. Short of actually designing adventures around them (something I have limited time to do), using things like these haunts is the next best method.

There is a series of associated haunts which go specifically with the letter hand out at the beginning of this booklet. The Temple of the Worm God is in fact a mini-adventure and could be used to spice up an otherwise boring over-land trek through farming communities from one adventure site to another. This includes short background story and 4 haunts of CR 10 to CR 11. I love to surprise my players with something they were not expecting and the Temple of the Worm God does this well.

As in the rest of the #30 series by Rite Publishing, Trevor’s prose is fun to read. These haunts for objects do an excellent job of making an otherwise mundane scene more interesting for both GMs and players alike. I can see my players becoming wary of any object they might come across as a result of this book. Only a few such instances of a haunted object and months, perhaps years, of cautious behavior and entertainment for all could result. I can’t wait to spring these on my players.

Excellent layout, interesting art and wonderfully well-written and designed haunts receive 5 of 5 stars.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Thilo G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/25/2011 14:06:20

This pdf is 15 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of advertisements and 1 page SRD, leaving 10 pages of content, so let's check it out!

Following the format of the haunts-books, we are introduced to the thematically-linked haunts by a well-written introduction of Pers Veilborn. After the well-written prose, we are introduced to different types of haunts: The basic concept is expanded upon by introducing a type of haunt which may be triggered by gazing upon it. Advice on chaining haunts together as associated haunts is also provided.

Dolls or similar items which are possessed have been a staple of fantasy and horror literature and movies for quite some time and the addition of haunts to the objects is something that had to be done sooner or later - I'm just glad T.H. Gulliver did it. The haunts we get span the CRs from 1 to 11 and contain mirrors seeking to trap souls, bloodthirsty beds, wardrobes haunted by a conjurer's wife's deceased lover - you name the creepy stuff, it's there!

If you thought cursed items were bad news, wait till you get a taste of haunted ones! Alternatively, the content of this pdf makes for an excellent addition to mansions, haunted castles or really any location inhabited by civilized humanoids you can conceive, adding further twists to your designs. Even better, the little stories of how the haunts came to existence make for neat little adventure hooks and often inspire narratives of their own. Take the unfaithful conjurer's wife, whose lover was slain by the wizard in her wardrobe via vermin. What if said man's family is haunted by dreams of crawling death, slowly subverting their collective will to live? (Perhaps via another haunt?) To save them, the haunted wardrobe has to be found and purified, but the unfaithfulness of the conjurer's wife and his rage-driven murder first have to confirmed. Worse, what if the two are actually the best defense the town has against marauding threats? Depriving the town of the two by meting out justice might spell doom for the settlement...

My personal favorite's though, are the extremely deadly 3 haunts that make up the "Worm God's Temple", a dark and desolate place devoted to a primal and rather cruel spirit and essentially provide a rough frame for a great adventure in combination with the introductory narrative. Even better, the CR 10 Worm God makes for a ready-made villain and mastermind for said encounter/adventure.

Conclusion: Editing and formatting are good - I noticed some asterisks where none should be and a superfluous break along some very minor punctuation errors. Layout adheres to the full-color-2-column standard we know from the free Pathways e-zine and the art, albeit stock, has been expertly compiled to render a coherent and fitting ambience to the pdf. T.H. Gulliver has proven time and again a mastery of haunts and traps and this latest installment is no different, providing excellent content at a very affordable price. However, I do feel that the items, while cool could use further expansion and maintain that 101 of them would have been better than 30, especially due to the quality of the associated haunts. In "#30 Haunts of Ships & Shore", the hauntings could be easily strung together into a whole adventure by providing a frame-work and more associated options. I would have loved to see something similar to expand upon the worm god's dread influence. However, I can scarcely hold the quality of the predecessor against this book - it still is an excellent offering that only falls short of my seal of approval due to the minor glitches and said lacking framework. With them, this would be straight 5 + Endzeitgeist-seal of approval. My final verdict will be 4.5 stars and a hearty recommendation, rounded up to 5 for the purpose of this platform. The only question that remains to me is, when we'll see a full-blown horror-adventure or "Super-ECS" by T.H. Gulliver - the talent seems to be there...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/21/2011 12:06:41

Iron Nuggets Rites Publishing presents another haunted gem with 30 Haunts for Objects. Taking the focus away from actual locations and placing them on items makes these Haunts easier than ever to place. The Haunts include challenges that range between low level encounters to high level things.

There are some spookily creative Haunts, Possessive Pain and Paranoid Potrait, that utilize common items in a house to expand a trap or adventure hook. These would be some of the best of the 30. My biggest problem with the book is not the stellar writing, but the concept of the Haunts themselves . Locations can be tied together to create a larger scheme. But with just objects, each haunt is a separate adventure hooks. In general, it feels that Haunts are incomplete and need something, knowledge rolls for how to solve them, to make them the useful tool that they are suppose to be. An expanded haunt, which included hints and clues as to how to solve the haunt would make the function of the haunt more suitable for any campaign.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/13/2011 07:10:47

Originally Published at:

30 Haunts for Ghosts is the latest in Rite Publishing’s line of “haunt” supplements for the Pathfinder system. Not only does this fifteen page booklet contain thirty different haunts keyed to specific objects, but it gives a background on each one, along with a way of permanently destroying the haunt. It also includes a brief story about the major haunt in the collection, the Worm God, along with some basic rules for haunts and how they work.

The haunts in this collection are not necessarily ghosts. Have you ever read classic ghost stories where an object or location is cursed due to a collection of overwhelming negative energy or a great tragedy? Well, that’s what these items are. Because your characters will ghost into an encounter with a haunt thinking in terms of “ghost-busting” this really gives you, the GM, a chance to flex your player’s mental muscles instead of their physical ones. An entire adventure can be concentrated around a single haunt if used correctly, and your players will have to decipher the cause and the cure for what plagues the object in question. As a long time Ravenloft and Call of Cthulhu fan I love doing this to my players and even though these specific haunts are use the Pathfinder rules, I know I’ll adapt a few of them to my 2nd Edition AD&D Ravenloft campaign.

The thirty haunts contained in this collection range from a CR1 (CR = Challenge Rating) up to a CR11. There is one item (a mirror) that contains two options for what the haunt’s power is. In regards to the Worm God, there are actually three haunts for it, along with the full stats of this Level 10 Undead Druid. The Worm God is a very interesting antagonist and the three haunts that surround it are quite fascinating and will make for an excellent adventure should you choose to tailor one around them.

My three favorite haunts were: The Bloody Bed (a simple CR1 bed that causes a Bleed spell upon any injured person lying on it. I love the idea of the players thinking it’s a ghost when really it’s just a cursed bed), The Necromantic Necklace (a necklace that casts animate dead once a day on a nearby corpse whose only undead goal is to attack the wearer. Imagine the story possibilities!) and The Tyrant’s Joy Puzzle Palace (Slightly Hellbound: Hellraiser II-esque, this cursed puzzle box will make a wonderful adventure on its own as players try to find away to escape the labyrinth that resides within it.)

I have to admit, I was ecstatic with this short little collection. It is a wonderful example of how something minor and almost forgettable can be used as an adventure hook. Not every adventure needs to be a dungeon crawl or a hack and slash field day where the GM just throws waves of monsters at the players. An adventure is a interactive story after all, and these haunts are a harkening back to classic Gothic horror tales. Adventures centered around these types of objects are what made me fall in love with role-playing in the first place and we haven’t really seen hooks or creations like this since Sword and Sorcery ended their version of Ravenloft with the end of 3.5 D&D. The only real quibble I have with this is that there are some grammatical errors throughout the piece. The title too can be a bit confusing. I’m not sure why there is a number sign in front of 30 Haunts for Objects either. Still, these are very minor issues in a piece that has so many uses it’s not even funny. Hell, you could even run an entire campaign with this little booklet. Perhaps the characters need to collect and destroy a certain number of these objects for whatever reason. They could provide a major antagonist with a power boost or be adding the slow decay of the land they reside in. Hell, you could even convert them into Spelljammer fuel. Imagine a jammer run by these accursed objects.

I also want to talk about the sense of style in this piece. The artwork, which is mostly provided by Arthur Rackham is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of both Restoration and Victorian era pieces, and a few even look like painted woodcuts. The art is absolutely perfect for the mood and feel this supplement tries to invoke. I also liked that the titles for each person that took part in creating this piece is a shout out to the movie Ghostbusters. Now that song will be stuck in my head all day…

30 Haunts For Objects is something any GM should pick up, even if they don’t play Pathfinder. The items can be easily converted to ANY gaming system and each one will make for a creepy addition to an adventure, or even an adventure on their own. At only $2.99 it’s hard to think why someone wouldn’t pick this up. A good spooky adventure for a fantasy RPG is pretty hard to come by these days, but this fifteen page booklet should be all that is needed to ignite a GM’s imagination.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/12/2011 07:34:45

Haunts have been one of the most intriguing and (from my side of the GM's screen, anyway) entertaining additions to the panoply of challenges to throw at characters... and here they take another novel yet classical twist: the haunt that is associated with an item rather than a location.

The work opens with a pseudo-scholarly account, the sort of thing you might cast before the more intellectual kind of adventurer to send them haring off into the horrors you have prepared for them. This leads in to the promised collection of some 30 haunted objects, by way of a note on persistant haunts, which can be a bit puzzling. As haunts duplicate spell effects whatever they do has a duration which can be 'instantaneous' or it can last for a set period. A persistant haunt with an instantaneous effect is one which hangs around firing it off repeatedly, while ones whose effects last longer are considered persistant only if there's a variation in the normal spell duration, it is triggered anew each round, or it is an effect that if you were creating it by casting a spell, you'd need to concentrate for the entire duration of that spell. A new 'trigger' is introduced as well. Haunts are normally triggered by proximity or touch, but some of the ones described herein are triggered by a gaze, by being looked upon. You defend against these in the same ways as you might protect against a gaze attack... but of course, you only take those sort of precautions if you are expecting one! Blindfolds and averted eyes can be very inconvenient when exploring...

The actual haunts are associated with a selection of items familiar to anyone who likes spooky stories, particularly those of a darker turn. Charred corpses, bloodied beds... and each one, of course, has a specific method of destroying the haunt, one that is not always obvious so if you use it you will need to work out how to present appropriate clues so that those characters who manage to stop running away and screaming long enough can figure it out. A delightfully sneaky one called the Determined Device, for example, resets a trap which the characters have already disarmed... as well as more classic examples like a flute that forces you to dance, a blisteringly-hot door knob, or a mirror that traps souls.

This magnificent array is followed by a description of an abandoned (and of course haunted!) temple and the ghost that masquerades as the resident deity. This location is the one described in the opening flavour text, complete with its own set of apposite haunts, and the whole could be used as a minor adventure in its own right.

The haunts are all well-developed, with coherent reasons as to how they came to be as they are, and logical ways to dispel and destroy them... can the characters but figure them out! Plenty to play with as you design your next game and pick one or two to terrify, annoy, or distract the characters. Build their stories into the plot you are weaving, and add atmosphere to your game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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