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Crossing the Millers: A Sword Noir Adventure $1.99
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Crossing the Millers: A Sword Noir Adventure
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Crossing the Millers: A Sword Noir Adventure
Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing
by charles b. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/06/2013 15:02:43


  • Writer enthusiastic about genre
  • Great genre with a lot of potential
  • Love the movie and interested to see how it could be turned into an adventure
  • Great price


  • The writer refers to boxed text for the GM to read-out during gameplay, but there isn't any boxed text in the pdf. Then later the writer explains why he doesn't like boxed text. And just after that there is text in quotation marks that clearly is meant to be read.
  • The pre-gens aren't pre-gens in the traditional sense, more just a collection of pivots.
  • There is fair amount of background that the players need to know to make sense of the adventure, but how to get the players up to speed on this is never discussed/addressed in the text or even on the "pre-gen" sheets
  • The NPC names (Catriona?) need to be reworked.
  • Apparently the game is designed to hit the pre-gens pivots, how the pivots might come to play in the adventure is never discussed (neither are the "secrets").
  • "Secrets" are on the PC sheets only and not on the sheet that gives the breakdown of the pre-gens.
  • The presentation of the adventure could perhaps be improved upon and the idea of splitting it into "events" and "places" didn't work for me. I think it's mostly that the "events" weren't laid out well. A solid structure (like those seen in ToC adventures) would make a huge difference.
  • There is no section to give a good overview of how the adventure might run. Something like in ToC adventures "Spine"

Overall: I still like the product. This is the sort of adventure I'd try to write and it's interesting seeing what someone else has done with the material. Not sure I'd run the adventure, but it has given me a few ideas and the author's enthusiasm helps a lot.

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