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Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker
Publisher: Terrapin Foundries
by robert h. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/27/2013 22:14:56

This is absolutely exactly what I hoped it would be. I had a game session coming up and we were going to be playing away from our usual location. I needed good mini's for a combat that I knew was going to occupy a major part of this particular session. I was able to grab images of the PC's off our obsidian portal page and I had instant mini's. The group loved them.

The program itself is as easy as you could possibly ask for. A front image. or a front and back image and you're good to go. I spent a few minutes making up simple numbered jpegs for the back image for monsters. Now I have all the orcs/goblins/zombies/Mechs/Robots/soldiers that I could ever want.

The bases slot together and therefore easily fold flat for storage.

I worried about one of the players exhaling too exuberantly during the battle and blowing the paper all over the place. But I solved that before it ever had a chance to be a problem by taping a penny to the base of each mini.

I recommend to anyone who uses Minis for their games to give these a try.

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Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker
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