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HAMMERAX - The Ancient World
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HAMMERAX - The Ancient World
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HAMMERAX - The Ancient World
Publisher: Greywood Publishing
by Trevor C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/16/2010 09:21:24

Please note that this is an updated review based on the current updated version of "Hammerax - The Ancient World" with an improved layout. This layout change was made to resolve a title font legibility concern I had raised in my original review which is no longer available since it no longer reflects the currently available version of this product. It is also worth mentioning that any publisher who is this responsive to customer feedback is sure to keep me as a loyal customer.

Now onto the review...

"Hammerax - The Ancient World" is another excellent product from the folks at Greywood Publishing. This is a complete roleplaying game powered by Greywood's excellent QUERP game engine paired with a classic fantasy world setting that covers all of the bases for a long campaign. At around 175 pages it is almost three times the size of the original QUERP rulebook and those extra pages are filled with lots of fantasy goodness. After a generic introductory chapter we are thrust into a lengthy chapter on the history of the Ancient World followed by an enjoyable gazetteer of the lands of "Hammerax - the Ancient World" as seen through the eyes of a professional explorer named Jarn the Wanderer (who reminds me of Volo). Now, my favourite part of reading any fantasy RPG are the pages dedicated to the various kingdoms & lands that make up the fantasy setting, and "Hammerax - The Ancient World" does a nice job of giving flavour to each land without being too detailed as to limit the imagination of the gamemaster who plans to run adventures in these lands. However, I was a bit disappointed to find that no world map was provided so I really can't visualize where all these wonderful lands are "supposed" to be in relation to each other although that can be seen as an opportunity to fit things in where you need them. Hopefully a Hammerax world map is forthcoming for those who really need to know where everything "officially" belongs. One kingdom named Aralor does get more detailed treatment (and a map) as the main campaign area to get the dice rolling as it were. The kingdom of Aralor looks to be a thinly veiled Arthurian Camelot/Albion type of place so anyone with even the most basic knowledge of Arthurian lore will feel right at home. All of the things I have mentioned thus far gets us through the first third of the book.

The next third of the book presents a decidedly "Hammerax" flavour of the QUERP roleplaying rules including some character types (classes) tailored to adventuring in the kingdom of Aralor. The QUERP rules are quick, flexible, and easy to learn without being incomplete so no complaints here. These Aralorian(?) character types seem to be evenly matched with the existing QUERP character types so mixing & matching will not be a problem for those who want to play their favourites from the original QUERP rulebook or the very useful QUERP Player's Companion.

The final third of the book covers monsters, magic items, and 2-part adventure to kickstart a campaign in the kingdom of Aralor. Once again the monsters are on par with existing QUERP critters from the QUERP rulebook and the QUERP Bestiary (another great product) so all is good. It is also worth mentioning that I found the starter adventure to be a good read and it's theme fits in very well with the "Arthurian feel" of the land of Aralor so its inclusion was a welcome choice to close out this product.

Once again the folks at Greywood Publishing have cranked out some great content for a nice price so I have to rate "Hammerax - The Ancient World" a solid 5 out of 5.

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