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Survival Horror Set 1: Last Man Standing $3.95 $2.77
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Survival Horror Set 1: Last Man Standing
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Survival Horror Set 1: Last Man Standing
Publisher: DARKMOOK Paper Miniatures
by Joshua L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/11/2012 15:37:41

Great little pack of paper figs. I personally prefer two-sided figs that can be cut out along their silhouette, rather than just rectangles with tons of white around the graphic, and these do that well.

The monster has a nice size and feel to him, easy to use in a variety of games. The color works well, everything has a nice resolution, and I guess if I had to ask for something more it'd maybe be an additional color palette or two for him, but meh.

The zombies have a couple different poses in two different colors. Not SUPER variable, but it works perfect for, say, an entire security team being zombified. They have a unified look, so it works well for that but maybe not for a setting where the zombies weren't all apart of the same group while alive.

The hero dude - okay enough. I've said before, I'm not really into his pose, but I guess it's a little tongue-in-cheek, Ash Williams look.

Darkmook likes having a bloodied option for the characters, and this is nice if you want to switch out the figs to show significant damage, or if you just like the look. Added value there.

For four bucks these are great for a lot of different games, and are variable enough not to be boring.

Additional thoughts:

DarkMook has a great, easy base design for their standees. My only complaint about these is that they're kind of specific and not incredibly varied (all pretty much concrete with or without yellow lines or blood). That IS incredibly appropriate for the theme of the pack, don't get me wrong, but I think I'd also rather see more general bases given (or maybe coming out with a free base pack of plain-ish ones). I'm thinking a simple pattern here, or some drab color, obviously there's always the plain white ones. Maybe even dirt, grass, etc ones in the future.

AH! Idea - I'd love to see these bases made in contrasting, solid colors, so you could label PC figs. Just an idea for the future.

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