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Age of Fighting Sail: Heart of Oak
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/21/2018 19:54:47

As people have pointed out, the scan is not the best, but that is the only reason I give it four stars. The rules themselves are amongst the best I've ever owned. While others say that the gunnery rules are an afterthought, I find them to be very accurate, as far as the decisions a ship's captain would make, and I like the fact that the gunnery rules leave those decisions that would be made by subordinates (type of shot to be used, etc.) out of the game. The continous broadside rule is a very accurate depiction of the way gunnery was handled at the time, and immediately called to mind Jack Aubrey's order, "Keep 'em spitting, Mr. Calamy!" If you have an interest in this time period, these rules are a must in my opinion.

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Age of Fighting Sail: Heart of Oak
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