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The Dungeon Under the Mountain: Level 9 $2.99
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The Dungeon Under the Mountain: Level 9
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The Dungeon Under the Mountain: Level 9
Publisher: 0one Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/28/2009 06:58:02

The Dungeon Under the Mountain is back! After nearly a year and a half of no products being released for this line from 0One Roleplaying Games, a Level 9 map for the mammoth dungeon has now been released. This level 9 map features a huge area of snake-like watery tunnels and waterworks, that is home to any aquatic creatures that your mind can imagine. This product is one of a large collection of maps and encounters for The Dungeon Under the Mountain, and is suitable for any roleplaying game.

The product comes as a single 13 page pdf file, of which 9 pages are devoted to the maps themselves. The product is very well organised, clear and neatly presented, with a good cover, clear and concise legend, and an extremely useful summary page with hyperlinks from there to the relevant map pages. You have the choice of either printing the massive 22"x34" map as a whole, or otherwise you can stitch it together using the 8 separate maps provided. The product contains very useful information on how to use the product or incorporate it into your game, either as a whole or in parts. Apart from the little section in the advertising blurb that reveals the nature of the level, the majority of the inhabitants and purpose of the level are left to your imagination.

One of the fantastic features of this map, and indeed most of 0One Roleplaying Games' products, is the Rule the Dungeon feature. This allows your to use pdf layers to customize the product as you see fit, removing various sections or features from the map. This makes it very easy to design for your own specific purposes, and is a powerful tool that's been added to this product map. The majority of the map is well described using the legend, and colour-coded to highlight main areas of the map such as watery areas, teleport areas, and main encounter areas. I do wish that some of the areas were a little more self-explanatory, as the map can be a little confusing in places. That said, creative minds shouldn't have trouble imagining purpose or traps to certain areas that may appear confusing.

The Dungeon Under the Mountain is an elaborate and intricate world of its own, and the map itself is quite high on the 'civilization' scale. By that I mean that the map isn't a rough cavern, but rather than carved and structured map indicative of intellect and engineering capability. While no real details on the nature of the map are provided, I found that the layout and design, as well as the useful colour-coding were extremely provocative in allowing the mind to wander and design areas or fill them with purpose and monsters. As with most massive dungeon crawls, it's quite difficult to create a sense of cohesion in a large map or even verisimilitude, but I think the map is designed in such a way that it helps to create such an environment.

Overall, I was pleased with this offering from 0One Roleplaying Games. The map is very well presented, clear, and does well to offer guidance in designing and filling the dungeon with your imagination. It can be a bit confusing in places, but that's largely to be expected for such a large map, almost like the designer wasn't sure what to put there either. An insight into the designer's mind would've been useful in places. Still, it's very good to see this product line back again, and this map will make for a fun dungeon crawl or just a series of encounters using parts of it. Good product.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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