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The Spandex Legion 02 $4.95
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The Spandex Legion 02
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The Spandex Legion 02
Publisher: Alephtar Games
by david w. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/18/2012 15:42:49

The MIGHT be a good product, its hard to say. Apparently, the publisher assumes that everyone already knows how to use a PDF of this type, as they give absolutely no instructions for its use what-so-ever. I was only able to modify the first figure... clicking on the others does absolutely nothing, that surely there is a way to choose a different one. Who knows? There's no instructions? There are four stand ups per page, and buttons next to each figure. Clicking the buttons doesn't do anything... and yes, I'm using adobe PDF reader. The art work is satisfactory, and at $4.95 i didn't expect anything really good... but with no instructions other than how to print it... its a waste of money. How hard would it have been to add ONE MORE page with instructions??

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Creator Reply:
Sorry for the late reply but we did not notice this review until lately. The instructions are on page 1 of the product. Is it possible that you have missed them because you thought page 1 was just the cover? As for the malfunctioning buttons, I have re-checked the product with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (XI) which was released years later than the product and all buttons work as they should. Is it possible that you have tried the product with a version of Adobe that had some bugs in how it processed JavaScript? You might want to retry with the latest Adobe Reader, it should behave correctly.
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