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QUERP - Sample
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QUERP - Sample
Publisher: Greywood Publishing
by Billiam B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/29/2010 20:36:13

This is a very nice little sample of the QUERP game. I've just downloaded the 2nd Ed rulebook, and would like to point out and it appears that there's just enough material here taken from the rules to start role-playing with the QUERP system using the Sample (or at least get a good idea what it's all about). It reminds me greatly of Fighting Fantasy and simpler game book systems which got me into to role-playing (Incidentally, in the full rule book there is a solo game, as well as the adventure contained here in the Sample). Other players may be reminded of the fastplay fun of Heroquest, AHQ and WHQ.

The QUERP Sample lets you play a Warrior and Sage (2 of the 6 six classes), but you may have to improvise around Defence and armour rules which don't appear to be here (but the weapons are!). The presentation of the Sample resembles the actual rulebook - which is professionally laid out, with stylish b/w images, except that the pages in the rule book proper are a gorgeous parchment beige (but you still have the option use a printer-friendly copy which has no parchment backgrounds).

A high quality sample of a good quality product. A must for the curious player, considering a fun "beer and pretzels" dungeon crawl (as the Americans say).

(The QUERP Sample was free at the time of writing this review.)

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