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A Witch\'s Choice
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A Witch's Choice
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Thilo G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/18/2012 17:19:12

This pdf is 46 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover, leaving 42 pages of content, so let's check this one out!

I've been wanting to review this module and its sequel for quite some time now and I finally felt like it was not only an option, but something I had to do now. So what exactly is the "Rituals of Choice"-AP? Essentially, it is Rite Publishing's patronage-based AP set in Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved setting of the Diamond Throne. If you happen to not be familiar with this d20-variant and its peculiarities: The Diamond Throne-setting is unconventional fantasy to say the least. The lands of the Diamond Throne feature not only different base-classes, but also little fey-like PC-races, lion-humanoids and genderless, immortal reptilian creatures that can be considered the heirs of the dragons. Moreover, the setting emphasizes personal choice over predestination and mortal heroics over plans of strange entities. Furthermore, the setting is one of grey morality, featuring no clear-cut good-evil distinction and no alignment per se and several unique ideas, like the Akashic's, individuals that can tap into the collective unconsciousness of the world and thus unearth information about magic items, individuals etc.. It should also be noted that AE's basic ideas have probably featured at least somewhat prominently in the development of Pathfinder and, admittedly, while I loved many of the rules, I never really got into the Diamond Throne-setting. When I got my hands on this module, though, things changed, but now that the intro is out of the way, I'm going to delve into

SPOILER-territory. Potential players might wish to jump to the conclusion.

Still here? All right! Before the Pathfinder-APs did so, this adventure starts with integrated reasons for the PCs to adventure. These reasons can be considered a kind of combined hook/early trait-system, but is based on the whole group! And then, right off the bat, you'll realize why this adventure gets my attention: The very first scene. On a balcony of glass, a female Verrik (a magical/psionic race with a terrible racial curse) is unleashing deadly magical powers on a golden jackal and the PCs, while muttering excuses for her behavior. The Verrik witch vastly outclasses the PCs, but they may yet prevail...and arise from the strange dream - an epic battle as a great in medias res introduction to the central figure of this first adventure:

Immensely talented, Zewthra's powers killed once a Litorian and in order to not hurt anyone with her gifts, she chose to seal her powers. This act, though, combined with the Verrik's racial curse, has led to a severe case of Autism on behalf of Zewthra. Her father, the aristocrat Vethkar, is unfortunately old and dying and his daughters latent powers have gathered the PCs here, in the town of Far-rough at the edge of the floating forest. The old man is concerned about Zewthra and wants her escorted to a mystic side called Tesham's Landing to perform a ritual. It is also here, that a peculiar magical item is introduced, which enables non-akashics to delve into the collective unconscious and gather information if such a class is absent from the group.

If the PCs concede with the escort mission, they will embark as soon as possible. On the way, though, a downpour will have them stranded on a floating island and there, spined grapplers will make for the first danger to avert and the first choice, for the creatures have laid eggs - the destruction or preservation of these unborn a symbolic foreshadowing of the choices to come. More interesting, extensive information on the ritualistic behavior that allows Zewthra to function and is necessary for her is detailed extensively.

Things start to become rather grim soon afterwards - the group is attacked by Staj, eye-extracting predators and might also make for the death of Vethkar - the man will not see the end of the journey after losing two eyes and Zewthra will also be mutilated, but not overtly concerned by it.

And then there's The Kallethan - 6 undead dragons bound into one human skeleton, one of the most powerful entities in existence (CR 28) - and it is helpless at the PC's mercy. It can be captured via magical shackles. It can be left to its fate. It can be healed. And the PC's action will have very significant consequences in the things to come.

The PCs seem to have stumbled into historical events and indeed, even the centaur and his mojh travel companion they meet (the former taking a fancy to Zewthra) and their interactions will have repercussions - though not ones as significant as the encounter with Amoncirith, the messianic son of god among dragonkind and his guardsmen.

And then, there's the first encounter with a rune-animal Deinonychus named Solange, which will feature more prominently in the second module - whether the PCs manage to save the dinosaur's noblewoman prey or not - consequences again are sure to surface along the line.

In the Mire of lost souls, a will-o'-wisp, unable to communicate wants the PCs to find its body and bury it, which might provide to lead them into conflict with the local muckdwellers and then, finally, the PCs reach the leafless wood, where Witchravens misunderstanding the situation, might attack the PCs and the ritual will commence - if the PCs manage to coax her into performing it. Said ritual comes with full in-game information and seems to make for an interesting climax, as aforementioned centaur returns with allies to make Zewthra part of his harem. If successful, all witching sites will be linked and Zewthra cured of her autism and the PCs will just have inherited Vethkar's mansion and put in my motion a chain of events that will resonate throughout all of creation.

The pdf also provides appendices with suggested secret magic items - a total of 9 are included and each item gets 10 pieces of information for purpose of akashic loresight - very nice! The appendices also include the new Kismet witch and the cursed spirit creature template.

Conclusion: Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to a BEAUTIFUL 2-column, full-color standard and the pieces of full-color, original artwork are awesome! The pdf comes fully bookmarked and 5 (!!!!) labeled and unlabeled maps by Jonathan Roberts, which are not only included in the pdf, but also in special high-res packs. Oh, and they, even among Jonathan's excellent oeuvre, belong to his best pieces in my humble opinion.

On the surface, this module feels like a rather straight escort-mission, an overland journey, but, and I don't say that lightly, "A Witches Choice" is probably as close to art as an adventure can be. Unobtrusive symbolism, foreshadowing, helpful designer's notes and a caring, sympathetic and mature take on autism and the freedom of choice as well as the philosophic questions raised by a shades of grey-mentality conspire to create not only a great module, but a unique experience. And then, there's the immediate sense of epicness pervading the whole storyline. While at this moment, it is not sure whether we'll see the whole AP completed, I do think that most PFRPG-DMs can use this module and scavenge parts. While straight conversion might provide difficult due to the peculiarities of both the setting and the classes, I maintain that there's an easy way to utilize the material even in a PFRPG -game: Make this whole module a kind of dream, or even just scavenge some parts. hell, I'm convinced that a GM who checks this out can learn quite a bit about effective foreshadowing and adventure-crafting. And there are the stellar maps. This module makes me realize once again how much I crave more adventures of this top-notch quality penned by Steven D. Russell, who has created a thoroughly original, awesome adventure oozing passion. My final verdict will be 5 stars endzeitgeist seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
A Witch's Choice
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/21/2010 13:15:38

This, the first of 25 adventures that comprise the Rituals of Choice Adventure Path, thrusts characters right into the thick of things from the outset. It begins with a Preamble that sets the scene for the DM, with brief notes about what underlies the entire campaign and on the intended setting - the Lands of the Diamond Throne setting from Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved, although it would be possible to use another location if preferred. You'll still need Arcana Evolved wherever you set your game, as well as the D&D 3.5 core books, and while some monsters are drawn from Legacy of the Dragons, alternatives from the Monster Manual are suggested in case you don't have a copy.

Then comes a neat trick. If characters have certain Knowledge skills, they have a chance of perceiving a little more of what is going on than ordinary folk realise, of gaining some background information that might prove of use. This is followed by an adventure synopsis, and some ideas for how to get your characters involved. Not strictly speaking adventure hooks: they are going to be sucked into events whether they like it or not, but some ideas to help them decide why they are where the adventure begins, most of them also give reasons for the characters to know each other and already to be a group. Naturally, if other ideas suited to your specific group of characters occur, they'll probably be even better. Each of the suggestions carries an appropriate game mechanic bonus as well, and any one will give the players sound in-character reasons to get involved, and to care about the other members of the group. No meeting up in an inn and deciding to go dungeon-crawling with perfect strangers here!

And so it begins, with the sort of in media res opening that ought to make players sit up and take notice: this is no ordinary campaign right from the get-go. Characters find themselves in a spectacular location (which is supported by one of publisher Rite Publishing's 'Fantastic Map' lines if you want to take full advantage of it) but do not have much time to enjoy it before the action starts.

From then on events continue to move apace, with the characters soon being requested to undertake a simple escort task (well, they ARE only 1st level) and again there is an opportunity for those with appropriate Knowledge skills to add a little to what they are told. The rewards are generous, but notes are provided for characters who baulk at the task... and even ways to embroil them in the rest of the adventure regardless!

Throughout the course of the adventure, there is much to marvel at, and plenty to do. There are also sidebar 'Designer Notes' which explain the why of the placing and nature of some of what the characters will encounter. Even now the groundwork for the overarching plot is being laid. (Grrrr - I hate reviewing sometimes, I would SO like to play this... well, best round up some players and run it instead!) The whole adventure is full of choices and at each point, the ramifications for both this and future adventures in the campaign are discussed. A nice feature is that whatever the characters decide, nothing will derail the plot - just bend it in a different way. At no time will a DM have to stop the game because the characters have done the 'wrong' thing, a masterful piece of design. A sound beginning for what promises to be an epic campaign.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
I wanted to thank Megan Robertson for taking the time to do such an amazing review of our product, I got some dirt in my eye while reading this. Steve Russell Desinger of A Witch's Choice
A Witch's Choice
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Joel A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/04/2009 19:49:19

A Witch's Choice is a 46 page pdf adventure, set in the Land of the Diamond Throne, the default setting for Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved ruleset. A Witch's Choice, or WC, is published by Rite Publishing, and is part of the company's massive 25 "Rituals of Choice" Adventure path.

WC's is the fourth Rite Publishing supplement I have reviewed and, visually, it's the most stunning one so far. Both the front and back covers are in full color and in keeping with the Arcana Evolved design. Inside, each page is framed by a single rune-covered border, and the sections are broken up by colorful titles and plentiful whitespace. Art is primarily the major characters, and the battle maps gorgeous enough to be posters. Layout is a simple two column format, and editing is adequate.

WARNING: Potential Spoiler Information Ahead

WC is designed for 1st level PCs. Though party makeup is not discussed, I recommend at least one verrik PC (preferably more). Same with akashics; there's a lot of information to gather in WC. Greenbonds and totem warriors will do well due to the environment. Oh, and a witch, of course, given the title of the module.

My biggest concern about A Witch's Choice is the content. The plot's simple: escort/guard the main NPC to her destination. There are 20 main encounters, with many subdivided into 2 or more sub-encounters, and there's a lot of information at each one. GMs who are concerned about providing enough information for those nosy akashic PC will breathe a sigh of relief, while more immersive gamers will have plenty of meat when role-playing due to the NPCs' histories, motivation, and backgrounds. With a few exceptions, the information is provided in bite-sized pieces: GMs won't be pulling their hair out trying to find the right page about a particular scene or creature.

This information, though, is definitely geared to the Land of the Diamond Throne and the adventure path in particular. And it's epic: the PCs actions have consequences, and the plentiful Designer's Notes cover not only the relevance of the encounter to WC, but to the adventure path as a whole as well. GMs planning to use WC in their non-Diamond Throne campaigns will have to strip/change a significant amount of material to be useful. I would have liked more guidance just on how to use the encounters as a whole: are the PCs supposed to go from to the other? And what happens if they don't go through a particular encounter?

Finally, I found some of the encounters to be questionable. In Plain of the Blind and and Name's End, there's a chance to permanently cripple the PCs, something players, in my experience, will not enjoy expecially at this level.

Why is there combat stats for an epic level creature in this module? Same with a CR10 NPC.

What happens if the encounter at Harbingers escalates to violence? Normally Rite Publishing modules provide tactics at combat encounters. (Thank you.) I found this omission curious especially with the Designer's Notes instruction at the encounter.

There are more, but these particular ones stood out. I recommend GMs to review each encounter careful, not only to make sure it's balanced to your players' abilities, but to apply their actions' consequences in future modules.

In my opinion.... A Witch's Choice is a solid start of the Rituals of Choice adventure path despite a few encounter bumps. It is decidingly epic from the get go; PCs will definitely know they're the heroes in this adventure. (The opening first couple of scenes alone read like something from a good fantasy novel.) Arcana Evolved GMs and players will be in for a treat as they explore the Land of the Diamond Throne, while GMs using different settings will find WC's to be less useful.

This review is based on review copy provided by Rite Publishing.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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