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M&M: The Eugenics Brigade
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M&M: The Eugenics Brigade
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M&M: The Eugenics Brigade
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/24/2009 11:17:38

There is a reason why the Golden Age of comics is still a fan favorite among Mutants and Masterminds players. A lot of the age takes place around the time of the World Wars. The lunatic writings of Hitler and Nazis laid a foundation of speculation for fantasy writers and now game authors. This has led to a flooding of the market on Golden Age Supplements related to WWII Heroes.

The Eugenics Brigade: Villains of WWII by Charles Rice is an inexpensive PDF that produces a team of superheroes working as a special regime for Hitler. Its extreme barebone production prevents it from reaching its full potential, despite being one of the better written WWII villain books.

Fans of alternative WWII fiction will be quite impressed with the brief revamp in history that makes the PDF come to life. There are eight members that are apart of the squad. Rice kept the cheese factor to a minimum, instead creating functional villains that are designed to provide a real challenge for a party, though there is no real innovation in the power uses. The books biggest downfall was the lack of art, which is a staple of a superheroes supplement. It just does not say comic book if there is no art.

For the Gamemaster

Outside of the Eugenics Brigade, there are several other brief additions in the book. The author designed two minion units for the PCs, the Flying squad and the Verhexte. Both provide adequate support for their predecessor. Fans of comics will also enjoy the strong design of the “anti-Captain America” Uberkrieger.

The Iron Word The Eugenics Brigade is a nicely written book full of solidly designed Mutants and Master Mind characters with one fatal flaw, a lack of art and expert layout work.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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