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FIGHTING FANTASY - Caverns of the Snow Witch
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FIGHTING FANTASY - Caverns of the Snow Witch
Publisher: Greywood Publishing
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/05/2022 00:25:10

Originally posted here:

FIGHTING FANTASY - Caverns of the Snow Witch

PDF and Print. 45 pages. Color covers, black & white interiors.

This adventure has a solid pedigree. It is based on Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy books from 1984. This adventure is for the d20 system / D&D 3.0 system published in 2003. So nearly 20 apart, here I am nearly 20 years after that reviewing it.

This adventure covers the same plot and situations from the Fighting Fantasy "choose your own adventure" book.

The adventure is designed for one character or a small group of adventures. Reading through it does follow the same plot lines as the Fighting Fantasy book.

This adventure also features the Luck saves from the original book. It has some changes to the d20 ruleset. There are a few new monsters (including a Yeti!), some new spells, campaign notes, and some new NPCs.

There are a lot of location-based adventures, essentially a collection of encounters the PCs jump from one to the next. The advantage here is that it is easy to convert from d20 to what I am planning to use it with, Old-School Adventures.

The Snow Witch in this adventure is a sorcerer/vampire which works great for d20/3.0. For my adventures, I would make her a proper witch.

The adventure is fine, but I think I might be viewing it through what my "Nostalgia Goggles." Am I reading a good adventure or am I reading something because it was enjoyable to me in the 1980s?

I guess in the end it doesn't matter, as long as I am having fun with it.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
FIGHTING FANTASY - Caverns of the Snow Witch
Publisher: Greywood Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 11/21/2008 12:07:48

The second in the Fighting Fantasy as D20 scenario series, Caverns of the Snow Witch brings another feast of deadly dungeon-crawling, with the addition of a wilderness search and some very bad weather to contend with as well as the usual host of unfriendly monsters.

Aimed at 8th-level characters (of which 4 are provided should you wish to leap straight in), the adventure begins when the next trading post on a caravan's route is found devastated by an unknown monster's attack. The characters are asked to deal with the problem, and follow the tracks up into a nearby icy peak. The weather's bad, blizzards of snow, and they have to contend with the effects of exposure and avalanches as well as various hostile creatures who resent anyone daring to climb their mountain! Along the way, they find the hut of a trapper, who's left a convenient note about the Snow Witch and her devilish plot to bring an ice age upon the world...

The adventure rather relies on the characters reading (and believing) the note, because by the time they catch up with the trapper he's been sent to the Hereafter by the very same monster they've been sent to deal with. Some people, particularly given the bad weather, might decide that once they've slain the monster it's time to go home.

Those who press onwards will find a maze of cold and deadly caverns full of traps and hostile servitors of the Snow Witch herself. She has means of ensuring their obedience - a Collar of Obedience that is but one of an intriguing series of well-developed new magical items that are there for the finding - and the characters had best be wary not to be thus snared themselves. Eventually, if they follow through what is a fairly linear dungeon, they'll find the Snow Witch herself and be able to kill her off (or will they?). Withhold your disbelief, in faithful rendition of the original Fighting Fantasy book the cavern and its inhabitants apparently exist only to kill wandering adventurers, you cannot imagine anyone just living there... even if there is a cook busy making a reasonably tasty stew for dinner!

All right, like all the best villains, even once the Snow Witch is dead, the characters are not home free. Her spirit's still around and if they escape that, then (apart from the caverns falling apart around their ears) there's a note with an ancient death curse spell pinned on the door they leave by! The second part of the adventure involves finding the only healer in the neighbourhood who knows how to lift the curse... and that, too, is fraught with danger.

Presentation-wise, this is very similar to the first book (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain). The rules for the 'Luck' attribute are repeated... and for this adventure, a bit of luck could come in useful. There are several instances of 'fail a single roll and you're dead, sorry mate' which can be particularly galling (especially if you are using a genuine 8th-level character rather than a pregenerated one).

There isn't much background to enable you to use this in a campaign, but it is just down the road from Firetop Mountain so if you have The Warlock of Firetop Mountain scenario you can use the details therein. It doesn't matter much, as the action is self-contained in the first part and the new territory covered in the wilderness section is detailed within the adventure text.

It's another good dungeon bash with plenty to keep the characters on their toes. Not a dull moment, but plenty of deadly ones!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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