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Modern Dispatch (#126): Vigilance Force20 $1.25
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Modern Dispatch (#126): Vigilance Force<sup>20</sup>
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Modern Dispatch (#126): Vigilance Force20
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Mark G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/09/2008 17:31:44

Modern Dispatch #126 is the 5th in a series of alternate history superhero supplements for the Supers20 system set during World War II. The first supplement is the free Modern Dispatch #122 – Small Arms of WWII (available here:, while the 2nd is Modern Dispatch #123 – The Eugenics Brigade (available here: The 3rd is Modern Dispatch #124 – The Crown Guard (available here: The fourth supplement is Modern Dispatch #125 – Pearl Harbour December (available here:

This release is called “Vigilance Force” and is 9 pages (7 content, 2 license) long and introduces the major characters of America’s superteam called Vigilance Force. The background of this release details the emergence of metahumans in America and their role in the 1st World War. Provides a context for Germany’s creation of the Eugenics Brigade and provides an anchor for including the superspy agency known as USHER in this alternate history. The bulk of this product provides you with statistics, backgrounds and quotes from the major characters associated with Vigilance Force.

The characters presented include Captain Miracle (super genius, gadgeteer), Deuce (vigilante/trainer), Freight Train (speedster/football player), Hornet (like the Wasp [but less slappable]), Marauder (damage sponge), Minuteman (time travelling battlesuit), Old Glory (like a human torch) and Talon (animal friend [eagle and wolves])

The product also contains one adventure hook and the power Control Time. The average power level of Vigilance Force is 7 and the average character level is 10. There are also Modern Dispatches with England’s Crown Guard, Germany’s Eugenics Brigade and Japan’s Pearl Harbour December.

I think this is the strongest of the four and pulls together threads from the other three.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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