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DRIFT: The Inferior Planets
Publisher: Alternate Realities Publications
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/31/2012 16:24:30

I had originally rated this product low in 2008. I had purchased and downloaded it, expecting a useable game system and instead only had a few pages. Later I took my negative review down after the author sent an upset reply to me, stating the description explained it as a work in progress. Deciding to give him the benefit of a doubt, I retracted my original review. I am now posting my negative review again, as it has been four years and the product does not seem to be any further along than the last time I checked. There is a table of contents that lists many sections, but maybe 5%-10% if not less have actual content. The content is limited to setting and fictional story, and nothing that I would consider useful as far as contributing to a playable game at this time. The current content also contains blank pages as well as 'placeholder' pages for things that have their own, separate file. My feeling at this point is that the author has no intent of ever completing this content and has effectively taken my money and run.

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DRIFT: The Inferior Planets
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Creator Reply:
Considering the description has never changed, you probably should have read it properly before making your purchase. Right at the end, it addressed your expectations: "Early releases of the product series will be generic, with support for various game systems coming at a later date. This first release provides the introduction, as well as the Atlas entries for the inferior planets (the planets that orbit closer to the Sun thanEarth, namely Mercury and Venus). Also included are a Table of Contents and Glossary that will expand with future releases. " So it seems your negative review is based on expectations you would not have if you could actually comprehend what you were reading. Second, sales affect future releases. While most buyers have thought highly of Drift, sales are not high enough to make it a high priority product line.
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