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Gem Cards Set One $5.00
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Gem Cards Set One
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Gem Cards Set One
Publisher: Tangent Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 04/07/2008 11:09:54

Screw just diamonds, Tangent games has a thing for all gems. They first created a trilogy of unique ways to use gems in game, and to make sure that the point is being hit home, they have released Gem Cards: Set 1, a very unique and useful tool to keep track of gems in game.

Gems are very useful in a game that strains to stay on the better side of the suspend disbelief chart. They make much more sense to carry around and use for trade as opposed to gold. Without banking features in your game, and I am still really leery on allowing this concept in one of my games, buying and expensive gem and holding on to it gives the PCs more leeway when it comes to weight capacity and carrying space.

Gem Cards provides 96 gem cards to print out and use for your game. The PDF is only 19 pages long with 8 gems a piece on them. Each entry is nicely designed with a gorgeous picture of the gem along with stats for the cut, value, size and accent. They also contain a “harness” stat which refers to special gem powers provided from the previous gem books.

For the DM Great tool for the DM. The organization is very nice and the artwork is quite stunning. I wish there was a box on it for quantity as I really do not want to print out a card for every gem. It’s not that bit of a problem because you can always share the value box as a quantity box.

The Iron Word I was fairly surprised by how useful this product was. I use a bartering system and having physical cards and not have to consistently refer to character sheets was a nice touch. There very easy to pass around the table and the simple organization allows for on the spot changing. With 96 gems installed, I hardly see anything else for a Set 2.

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