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Legends & Lairs: Sorcery & Steam
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Darren R.
Date Added: 07/05/2004 15:30:34

this PDF book has a nice colour front and back cover, a nice black and white page layout, fantastic artwork, however on pages 33, 45, 47 and 52 (book pages add two for PDF pages) the pictures instead of having the text wrap around them, they overlap the text making the classes written below useless in most cases.

if you love classes of all kinds, this book has loads, however sadly the equipment section is lacking artwork to help readers visualise what it looks like, the new steam boats, Etc have no floor plans, and there is no rules for making steam power items, which is a big let down.

otherwise not a bad book, for core classes and Prestige classess, and a guide for creating steam and magic powered worlds.

Edit: The text wrapping has been fixed on this file. -DTRPG Staff

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Legends & Lairs: Sorcery & Steam
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