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Pendragon: Core Rulebook
Publisher: Chaosium
by Daniel [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/18/2024 02:20:20

This is not a Core Rulebook - the description in store is straightforward lie and be aware of that before you buy this book.

There is NO setting description - only one chapter about being the knight but nothin about lands, country - anything. Nothing about religions, magic - why such things should be in CORE Rulebook Also as a GM I don't know how should I run this game - no NPC, no stats, no guidelines how to prepare adventures etc.

At best it is Player's Handbook and even if treated like that it is incomplete. You can create characters from ONE castle (yes one, it is not a joke) from one region - and there is no description of it

And there are lot of references to other books (seriously?) which are not even published.

So it is a money scam not a game ready to play. I don't know why it was published and advertised that way and frankly I don't care. Im going to call it what it is.

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Pendragon: Core Rulebook
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