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The Hidden Library (PF2)
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The Hidden Library (PF2)
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The Hidden Library (PF2)
Publisher: Beyond the Horizon
by Edward K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/30/2024 22:48:34

Ring Side Report- RPG review of The Hidden Library

Originally posted at, a new idea every day!

Product- The Hidden Library System- Pathfinder 2nd Ed or DnD 5e Producer- Beyond the Horizon Price- $2 or free! here
TL; DR-Good library fun for free! 95%

Basics- Moonlight library madness! Our heroes are hired to infiltrate a library that only appears at night. Can the heroes get in, get the goods, and get out while nature fights them at every turn?

Mechanics or Crunch- This adventure is well balanced and has several different pieces for the players to play with. There’s combat, social, and a big skill test to find the hidden book. Many of the combats use standard creatures, but there are custom encounters and haunts as part of this adventure. Overall, it’s a well done crunch. 5/5

Theme or Fluff- Beyond the Horizon is building a world adventure by adventure. This adventure builds off other published adventures and characters they introduced, and the continuation is appreciated. And as in the crunch, there are social and skill tests to let different players get into the action. It might need a bit more box text to build into the story, but overall it’s well done. 4.75/5

Execution- I like what’s here, but this needs a bit more to be amazing. I like the text and pictures. I have one minor issue with the layout as I think the background color is a bit strong and partially distracts from the text. I like the fact that the adventure has a separate bestiary with all the different monsters in it. I HATE when a book tell me to go somewhere else when I paid for this book! The one issue that might hurt this book is the lack of maps. Other adventures from Beyond the Horizon have had maps, so that might have helped here. But it's hyperlinked and reads fast, so my only issue is I want more. 4.5/5

Summary-The Hidden Library is a solid adventure where my real only issue is that I would like more content. The crunch is good, and the company is building a world piece by piece leading to something bigger. I’m enjoying what is coming out. I would like a bit more story and maps, but if you have some generic maps you will be fine. And for the price of FREE get this one ASAP! 95 %

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