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Cybersneaks:  Hacking in Clement Sector
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Cybersneaks: Hacking in Clement Sector
Publisher: Independence Games
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/03/2023 14:41:20

"Hacking and computers have been part of the common experience now since at least the 1990s and there is no sign that the future will see less of either of them. Therefore, it seemed necessary for us to address how hacking is done in the Clement Sector setting. In doing so, the scope of the product soon expanded to include information about worldnets and their history, computer equipment, and careers related to hacking and online security. Hopefully, this product will help your enjoyment of the Clement Sector setting and allow your characters and campaigns to enter the shadowy world of the hacker, the realm of futuristic online security, and get a sense of how the average Clement Sector character relates to being online."

Cybersneaks Hacking In The Clement Sector By Authors Michael Johnson and John Watts is a supplement for the Clement Sectore that we've been waiting for. And this has to do with the Henderson family. The Hendersons are a generational family of cyberdeckers from our Hostile, Clement Sector, and even our Rider rpg games. The Hendersons start out as telegraph operators in our Rider game campaign & then later on appeared in the Earth and Clement sector rpg campaigns. Cybersneaks clocks in at about eighty one pages and it covers the gamit of the Worldnet in the Clement Sector. And this includes everything from the history of frontier hacktivism to full on Worldnet law enforcement. The design and writing is clear and very well done. We get the history of hacking within the Worldnet, and the effects of social engineering, airgapping and more.We get hacking kits, some great equipment, handcomps, and then end with mindcomps. Mindcomps as a technology are interesting & I admit that while this is a partial "gear & equipment' book its a well done 'gear & equipment' book. For example the mindcomp entry; "A mindcomp is simply a computer that directly interfaces with the brain. For more details regarding mindcomps refer to Clement Sector page 336 and Interface page 37. Mindcomps provide their wearer with advantages over other computers but also create more risks if they are used for hacking activities." And then later we get a great example of these mindcomps; "Head Gear 66 – The Head Gear 66 is an older model mindcomp which remains popular in Clement Sector. While both less useful and more obvious than later models, the Head Gear 66 is often seen being used by those who don’t mind flaunting societal norms on worlds where cyberware is frowned upon. The Head Gear 66 is manufactured in Clement Sector on Minerva (Franklin 0401) and Chriseda (Sequoyah 0204) by the Overdrive Corporation. Despite the two companies being bitter rivals, many users will pair the Head Gear 66 with Bolt Glass for what is described as the perfect retro experience."

The idea that cybersneaks and hackers have thier own internal Clement sector techno dialogue going is brillant.

And it's the cyberhacking rules that are really the heart & soul of Cybersneaks. We get clear and concise rules that make hacking and decking in the Clement sector flavorful and meaningful. This adds gravitas and weight to the cybersneak's role within the Clement sector. And it's the simple and yet highly effective rule set up with Cybersneak so damn well done. And then we go deeper down the rabbit hole with malware, mindcomp hacking, and more. Cybersneaks does a great job of setting up the hacking and cybernetic decker as a viable and vital PC within a party of Clement and even Cepheus Engine adventurers. And out in the blackness of the frontier the cybersneak is a vaulable member of a crew within the Clement sector. And I do think that Cybersneaks is a fantastic addition to the Clement and Earth sector rpg's. Even at only eight one pages Cybersneaks is packed with good and solid viable gaming information for 2d6 Science Fiction and Cepheus Engine rpg's.

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