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Adventure Framework 67: Sky Tower of Belk Xos
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Adventure Framework 67: Sky Tower of Belk Xos
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/05/2023 12:24:48

“Extra, extra, read all about it! Aliens are real!” The headline on The Sun Newspaper – the year 1970. Recently, I soloed my way through Adventure Framework 67: Sky Tower of Belk Xos (19 pages) a fun adventure for Low Fantasy Gaming. The RPG system that I used to play it was Moon’s Haunted (13 pages, free/pay what you want at DriveThruRPG). I used The Dungeon Oracle (Paul Bimler) as the solo engine. The adventure started with the five Marines and one Navy guy walking across the moon on the dark side of the moon looking for missing astronauts. They were expecting trouble so they were armed with shields and swords. They discovered the Sky Tower and managed to get inside it from the bottom.

The tower had fresh air, so they took off their spacesuits. They used the Gravity Chute to go up. On the first level they found a med pod with a Verrg in it. It came out blasting with its ray gun. The PCs killed it and acquired the ray gun. On the second level they killed a Chak Chak and two more Verrgs. They acquired two more ray guns, but Charles was shot and killed by ray gun damage. At this point, they went down to where their spacesuits were located and Mark the Marine put one on (to increase his armor class). On the third level, they found a homing map sphere, a suitcase, two kinds of oil, and paper, followed by bad air.

On the fourth level, they encountered an ooze and Thomas the Marine took damage from an acid tendril. The PCs escape by going up the Gravity Chute. On the fifth level, they found data crystals, a displacer field amulet, and a jet pack. Next, they explored part of level six and then headed back down to the med pod. Thomas took a point of damage when it did not work properly. They went back up to the sixth level and discovered a spectre. They were terrified. They ran away and exited the tower. They did make it back to earth with alien artifacts and a story to tell. Charles was given a proper burial and he was the subject of many speeches.

Give this adventure a try!

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