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Black Chrome
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Johann [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/19/2024 02:34:28

I'm new to CPR (though I've been tabletop RPGing my whole life) and this is a pretty dang good book. The locations and characters are very useful (and the BC+ DLC to this book is definitely recommended) and the items add character and flair to the otherwise standard core items.

One suggestion would be to have more tables at the end. Having tables sorted by Booth (a roll table for all the Black Chrome items at booth C1, C2, C3, etc) would be super handy. Easy enough to make on your own by searching the relevant booth number in the PDF (say, searching for "C1") but having a table pre-made would be useful rather than flipping back and forth through the book or tapping my find button a bunch when my players get to the booth at say, C3.

Could be a quick DLC, even.

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Black Chrome
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