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Publisher: Stellagama Publishing
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/17/2022 19:24:54

" Flying through the air throwing blasts of energy from your hands, stopping otherwise doomed passenger trains with super-strength, and always thwarting the evil plans of villains bent on world domination: such is the life of superpowered heroes!"

"Superpowered! is a lightweight, 2d6-based role-playing game that allows players to play these superpowered heroes, with highly varied powers, as they work to keep their city, country, world, and the universe safe from the evil plots of those who would destroy all that is right and good."

"Superpowered! is based on the Quantum Engine and is thus compatible with Stellagama Publishing's Cepheus Atom post-apocalyptic rules, Barbaric! sword & sorcery rules, and Quantum Starfarer space-opera rules."

Superpowered! By Richard Hazelwood From Stellagama Publishing For Your 2d6 OSR Campaigns came my way vie Stellagama Publishing. So what does Superpowered! By Richard Hazelwood bring to the table?! A 2d6 superhero rpg that brings the caped heroes to the 2d6 table top arena. And it looks like a pretty solid entry into the genre being powered by the Quantum Engine. Superpowered! acts as both a supplemental system & a stand alone super hero rpg.

Superpowered! By Richard Hazelwood From Stellagama Publishing is a full service super hero rpg within it's own right. And can add a real nice wrinkle to the 2d6 rpg & campaign world. Superpowered! includes a full array of super powers, genre tropes, ideas, & much more for your 2d6 powered campaigns. At five dollars for a hundred pagess worth of game it's a well worth investiment of time & man power on Stellagama Publishing. And it's really a worth addition to your 2d6 campaigns! If combined with Barbaric then the mutant populations of the 2d6 wastelands are going to become much more interesting places. And Stellagama Publishing's Barbaric can add a flare for failed colonies, wild planets, and even whole cloth battle worlds. Is worth Stellagama Publishing's efforts including Superpowered! By Richard Hazelwood worth getting?! In a word, oh yes! That's because the 2d6 landscape of the hobby has been changing for the better. There's tons of options & world settings for 2d6 meaning that DM's & players can really customize their PC's as the system allows fast character creation, lots & lots of options, and a solid system for role playing with 2d6 games. Superpowered! By Richard Hazelwood brings a ton of that to the table top with really solid mechanics, a great system, and a really nice price point. Thanks for reading our review Eric Fabiaschi Swords & Stitchery blog Want to see more OSR action? Please subscribe to

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