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Completely Unfathomable (DCC)
Publisher: Hydra Cooperative
by Shane M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/10/2023 21:57:20

Full disclosure here, I have picked up the download on the PDP sites. Originally looking at the labyrinth, Lord addition, and eventually being able to get the DCC conversion. That's typical with such things, are you to keep download or delete it. If it's a keeper, I also end up buying a physical property. This is an amazing book. There is so much awesome freshness in Jason Sholtis' side of Jason of the Under dark. The uniclops is one of my new favourite creatures. The idea that the PCs enter the ender dark route around for a while and then end up coming out in the land of 10,000 years ago… What an amazing twist that's going to be for the players when they reach the surface again. Definitely two minor quibbles… The promise of alternate covers, of which I've seen glimpses of online… We're not available, and I just couldn't wait, so I ordered the book already. (a nice idea would be to offer PDF so we can print out our own dust jackets when these covers become available, for those who ordered ahead of time and supported you from the beginning) And that the free add-ons, meaning, the character sheets, and such, have not been converted to DCC stats yet. But hey, those are freebies… This is an amazing book, you really wouldn't go wrong, picking it up

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Completely Unfathomable (DCC)
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