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D100 Space (Book 1)
Publisher: Martin Knight
by Timothy K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/05/2023 13:45:26

So for Christmas I went all in on this puppy. The mapping kit, etc.

I have to say I really do enjoy playing it. It's well put together and I went ahead and ordered the hardback from DTRPG and do not regret doing it (although I broke out the tab makers and noted all the tables to make it easier on myself). I had tried other solo RPG type games and it didn't quite scratch the itch for me. This strikes a good balance of lots of details vice just being fiddly for fiddly's sake.

Somethings to note:

  1. It is a game that has lots of rolling and has lots of random.'s a game that leverages a lot of tables so you should know that going in (the name is d100 Space afterall!). The game also has mechanics to account for that and reduce the randomness somewhat. For me, I have zero issues with this as it allows me to play solo and not try and thematically decide outcomes, etc. There is also some good flavor text in there on those roll results/tables so it does feel like a twist-a-plot type book experience on some level.
  2. The game has some things where I feel the author did a great job future proofing the game. Meaning, you can see the ground work for him to add other books into the series and not cause a lot of backtracking on the rules, etc. I should clarify and say the game does feel complete, it just looks as though he set it up to be able to do more with it should he desire in the future.
  3. The game feels like you have the freedom to roam the starts right off the bat to get some credits, train up, and get better gear/armor before going dirtside to mix it up with the local least if you pick your stats right. Speaking of which, Intellect is super important....but...if you don't want to always make a Intellect heavy character the game offers other things to account for this (e.g. hiring crew to fill in gaps for space flight, space fights, etc.).

All in all, I'd say if you're looking for a good solo Sci-Fi RPG game I think you should check it out. Also, I went all in and don't regret it at all, but if you're hesitant to do that--start small. Get the PDF, test it out drawing your own maps, etc. and see what you think.

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D100 Space (Book 1)
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