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The Hole
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The Hole
Publisher: Chaosium
by Your C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/30/2022 01:15:52

This is an old school dungeon crawl straight out the 80s, complete with lack of good motive to even decend into it. The opening is a dangerous climb down, which your everyday Investigator would struggle with, causing the player to feel railroaded or forced down into this blasted thing. The module does suggest you come up with a reason to go down into it, because the author either lacks the will or the know-how to create a compelling hook themselves, and i'm really bored of buying lazy scenarios that expect me to do their job which i literally just paid them for. Presenting this module almost as a vignette to slot into any on going campiagn isn't a new idea, and is fine, I guess... I just can't imagine a campaign where i'd insert this death trap, or a non-convoluted way of doing that without gutting the module and building it around a story, and then... why am i buying this again?

Once inside, there is just no rhyme or reason to any of it, becoming a straight up monster mash as the PCs regret their B-Movie choice of stumbling in here in the first place and now have to fight for their lives. It's utterly pointless, lacks ANY story, or imagination. The lazy photoshopped cover is a warning. Run.

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