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Orcs! A High Octane Adventure!
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Orcs! A High Octane Adventure!
Publisher: DIY RPG Productions
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/04/2022 05:59:10

Orcs! A High Octane Adventure! (available at DriveThruRPG) is an exciting 50 page adventure for Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure, but I used Gamma Five – A Gamma World Conversion for DnD 5e (84 pages). To solo this, I used Mythic (with a twist). I created five random third level characters: a fungus, a pure strain human, an Ubermensch (Trisha), a saurian, and an amphibian.

The adventure starts on a train. The PCs are hired as security guards to protect the train (the pay is lousy). The train starts moving and later the non-stop action begins. The characters did not go backwards (three cars back that way), but forwards. They explored a total of 11 cars (rooms). Some of the cars were locked and trapped, but no worries, you always have the option of climbing up and over the car (there is a chart for this). Oh, and most of the train cars are random (you use a deck of playing cards – great replay value). So yes, there were orcs to kill and even a flying squid. My PCs were doing great until they got to the engine. It was here that they ran into the Big Bad Abomination. This thing could, in one combat round, use its green eye attack, regurgitate two Corrupted Humans, and possibly a melee attack (my opinion – over powered). My PCs quickly saw that this battle was hopeless, except for Trisha. She was going to fight it to the death. Several PCs tried to blow up the engine. The conductor attempted to spit acid on the abomination but missed. The acid hit the engine and then it blew up. All the monsters and the PCs in the engine car were destroyed. A Total Party Kill. Well, maybe you will have better luck.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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