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Lowlife 2090 - Alpha Supplement
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
by Armand C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/19/2022 00:55:50

While you won’t lose anything if you download this supplement, I won’t say there’s anything really important to get out of this. When my gaming group got the book, it left us with disappointment (with one of us saying “this is stupid”). What we want most was new class abilities, new spells, expanded rules and possibly an errata to rectify various rule issues and oversights the game has. Instead, we get expanded tables for starting cybernetics and starting contacts (both of which I hated in the base game and I hate here), new guns (all in categories that have enough guns already), new cybernetics (most unnecessary, two laughably ridiculous, and one a DM’s nightmare to implement) and new drones (which are okay but nothing necessary).

I would say, if you want to add some silly weapons, cybernetics, and drones, you mind as well check this out. If you want new additions that truly expand on the game and make it more overall enjoyable, then you can skip it. In all honesty, what I want most in the next supplement is rules expansions, errata, and possibly new class abilities and spells.

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Lowlife 2090 - Alpha Supplement
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