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Big Fuckin' Axe - A 5E SRD Hack $3.99
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Big Fuckin\' Axe - A 5E SRD Hack
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Big Fuckin' Axe - A 5E SRD Hack
Publisher: FeralGamersInc
by Attila Z. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/25/2021 05:02:09

First of all, I do not usually leave reviews, much less bad ones. But this products is severely lacking in usability. What we are essentially presented with, is a set of homebrew rules, resulting in a game that is hacked from 5e SRD, but closer to OSR products. What we don't get (what I thought I would get) is a way for players who love OSR principles of quick fights and harder survivability, but have groups who like to play 5e for crunchy character building or its modules to have that happen. It is something entirely else, there is no way to use the rules without using the custom classes presented, there are rules for nerfing HP and damage for players and monsters, but MM monster abilities, high damaging player spells are not accounted for, neither the original class system, if you want to stick with that. Who is it good for, let me ask? Those who are okay with playing an OSR system are going to just play one of those, like BFRPG for about the same price. And those who would have wanted to stick with 5e for its merits cannot plug these rules in, because it doesn't account for much of its contents. What would have been useful, is to make these changes completely modular and compatible to 5e, so if I would like to use 5e monsters, class system and modules, I can do so with a quicker grittier fighting system. What else do we get? We get a lot of rules which are introduced just for the author to tell us that it is up to the GM to handle however he wants. Well... no shit! My favourite of these is the part about hexcrawls. We get told that BFA is played on hexcrawls. No rules for that, no suggestions, no nothing, just that. Play hexcrawls, because the author likes hexcrawls. Also, a bunch of random tables, with "imaginative" content like a bunch of goblins running at you, orcs blocking the road, and kobolds in caves. And if I wanted to buy this in print, then because for every 50 purchase they add new content, by the time it arrives my copy would be out of date already. All in all, what I would recommend the author to do for the next milestone, is to spend less time doing art (which is very good, to say something positive), and less time apologising for the word fuckin' (LotFP RPG has child rape magic, no one cares about your fuckin' word), and spend more time on designing the content to be more modular and usable with published 5e content without using the custom classes. Otherwise the product description is completely misleading. It is basically a new game with its own class system, and has not much to do with 5e in itself. Sorry, if I sounded too harsh, I hope that this product is going to evolve, the idea is good, just the implementation is lacking. I would be happy to hear the author's opinion on the subject, other than what is written in the product that it works for their group (happy to hear that, but if it is sold commercially it should present real usable value).

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Big Fuckin' Axe - A 5E SRD Hack
Publisher: FeralGamersInc
by John P. - E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/17/2021 09:20:06

My video review on YouTube says it all....

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