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Backgrounds in the Kingdom of Grimsby Pay What You Want
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Backgrounds in the Kingdom of Grimsby
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Publisher: Cat Tale Press
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/31/2021 20:29:28

Backgrounds in the Kingdom of Grimsby details six new backgrounds complete with tables for personality, ideal, bond and flaw for each.  The new backgrounds are: Farmer, which is what you would expect though some suggestions for using farmsteads as bases (or basis) for adventure would have been a nice addition.  Forest Dweller, could use a little bit more fleshing out but works.  Hunter, again what you would expect, though the Tracking Expertise features is written for a bounty hunter, not a hunter of animals as you would expect from the description, with a little tuning could be good.  Messenger (specifically a city messenger) is good, the feature needs a bit of fine tuning but the idea is solid, probably my favorite of these.  Royal Heir is a bit trickier, it implies certain things that really need to be discussed with you DM before taking such a background, the feature is a bit limited as well, again talk with your DM.  Last, there is the Street Performer, which is fun but their feature, All the World's A Stage, which allows them to build a temporary stage out of bits and bobs . . . It is cool and all, but it does not give you any reason to do so, there are no bonuses associated with having a stage.  But nice to have more options even if some need a bit of work.

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