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Animal Races in the Kingdom of Grimsby Pay What You Want
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Animal Races in the Kingdom of Grimsby
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Publisher: Cat Tale Press
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/31/2021 20:26:55

Animal Races in the Kingdom of Grimsby, which details six new races, all of which are animals.  But it never defines if they are anthropomorphic (human-like) or actual intelligent animals as it does make a rather big difference.  Oddly, none have speeds listed, so can the crow and owl fly?  All have natural weapons, sometime exceedingly good weapons  The Cat is much as one would expect and a killing machine with 2d4(!) claws.  That needs to be scaled back but the fact that they can use their claws as thieves' tools, perfect!  The Donkey tough and capable of carrying great weights, they have a vicious kick which they cannot use while carrying a shield implying anthmorphism perhaps?  Giant Owl, wise and powerful, with 2d6(!!) talons and a fear causing screech!  Very powerful combo, both need to be scaled back for playability, but good potential.  Hound, as as you would expect, with pack tactics (always useful) as an ability, though their Canine Obedience ability which (potentially) forces others to obey them is an interesting call.  Raven is a trickster, as one might expect, and could be fun in the right hands.  Lastly, Rooster, which has a inspiring call which recharges at dawn (thematic) and a natural feather fall which also recharges at dawn(?), certainly that should be after a short rest.  Good potential and great ideas, but they need to be expanded and clarified before they can really shine.

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