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Flock College Bard Subclass
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Publisher: Cat Tale Press
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/01/2021 14:05:44

The archetypes is presented in four pages: cover, one page of description and two of OGL. It could use more context for the archetype such as suggestions for where they might fir into a game world and what sort of culture would inspire them. Also, and this is very common for such materials, is a lack of support material such as a new spell, magic item, place or even a legend to inspire adventure would make them some much more interesting and easier to fit into a campaign.

Bardic College of the Flock, who are devoted to protecting their, well, flock. Which is a good idea for a school but the abilities could use better definition: Flock Protector, allowing them to intercept attack but the timing is unclear, it should be in reaction to a successful attack on an ally and give the Bard temporary hit points equal to their Bardic Inspiration die against the damage suffered. While the Inspired Flock ability should probably be restricted to once per short rest. But a good team player, as bards should be.

Good but could use some support.

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