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Theros: Encounters in Setessa
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Theros: Encounters in Setessa
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Sebrina C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/09/2021 08:15:41

**Theros Encounters in Setessa by T.A Gray

CW: Alcohol/ Intoxication, Elderly & Child Endangerment, House fire, Self Starvation, Suicide **

Link to plaintext review in Dyslexie font:!AqATw8u6PzaFhPU81MinLhfaOk_VWw?e=YV8OHn

There is a fantastic variety of encounters here, including a mix of social and combat, hooks, seeds and inspiration that can be extrapolated into whole quests and sidequests, act as follow-ups to encounters or simply add flavour, as well as a number of events and vignettes that give the players a grounding in the lore and setting, something all games benefit from but especially in the mystical forests of mythological Theros.

Presented with a helpful encounter/ location table for quick reference and rolling on.

Picking a few of those that stood out to me from the 30 encounters included in this supplement: opening strong with a wonderfully vivid encounter that gives the party a chance to witness the procession and ritual of an elderly warrior become a caryatid, impressively creepy Phenaxian cursed pomegranates and nightmares, the dangers of oracles and paranoia, a fun twist on the classic rats in the basement quest, a fascinating and desperately sad take on the Returned, and a portentous dragon oracle!

A wonderful map of the polis from Vitor Nunes is included.

Four unique or variant creatures/ NPCs, including a zealous leonin iconoclast monk and a greater swarm of rats.

Three new magic items, including the awesome Boots of the Minotaur.

There are some heavy themes and possible occurrences with a few of the encounters, as mentioned above in the content warnings, though nothing is gratuitous, and all fit the theme and tone of Greek myth and Theros. However, it’s good to be mindful of your players and the issues that may affect them.

While perfectly in tune with the Theros setting and location of Setessa, this is also just a brilliant collection of encounters well worth a look.

This genuinely made me put feelers out to my Theros group, which has been on hiatus, after reading a couple of pages because this was really putting me in the mood. Great stuff!


Designer: T.A. Gray

Template: Simple Microsoft Word Template by Laura Hirsbrunner

Cover Illustrator: Shutterstock

Interior Illustrators: Red Garcia, Pixabay, DMs Guild Creator Resources

Cartography: Vitor Nunes

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