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The Magical Land of Yeld: Soul Thief Job Guide $5.00
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The Magical Land of Yeld: Soul Thief Job Guide
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The Magical Land of Yeld: Soul Thief Job Guide
Publisher: Atarashi Games
by Alex N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/08/2022 11:48:12
Adds some depth

This is a re-release of something that came out on their Patreon a while ago. Consider supporting them over there. They could use the month-to-month support.

I gave it a high rating because it answered some of my I HAVE QUESTIONS moments from the core book. Like, "you steal their soul" had some implications they didn't explore in the main rulebook.

This book is fun but you should probably check out the adventure collections first. If you're doing a single PC Quest game then going super deep in a single job could be fun.

One word of advice is that Yeld has a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance vibe but it's secretly quite dark. It has some cute elements but it's a fairly dark Points of Light experience. (Points of light - there are only a few safe towns dotting a map largely made up of dangerous, wild places.)

  • This class rewards you for killing people and absorbing their memories. The gameplay part of it lets you do rad combo attacks; but that will likely shape the tone of your game.

  • Oh, and book-as-written the PCs are all minors.

  • ALSO: this book doesn't have a Deadlands-like divide between player rules and GM-facing deepdark grim secrets. This only matters if you'd like to slowly reveal the UNSPEAKABLE COSMIC HORROR of it all.

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