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Gravity RIP Softcover, Premium Color Book + Digital PDF [BUNDLE]
Publisher: Luke Westaway
by Leo B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/18/2021 12:46:28

I ran a game last night for 2 people. Neither had read the rules before hand or created a character. Our session lasted a bit over 2 hours. We spent about 30 minutes with character creation, 20 of which was just having a good time coming up with concepts. The rules are light (you assign 1 stat for story mode, and 2 stats for race mode) that players grasped easily. I decided to run the game with doing no prep other than reading the rules once over. The book provides several prompts for the objectives your players will need to accomplish either on or off the track. Starting with the Story Mode, players had fun exploring the areas around the track we made up as we went along, as well as meeting colorful NPCs rolled on the provided tables. We spent about an hour in Story Mode.

Racing mode took up the rest of the game time, and let me tell you it was an absolute blast. Laps are split in to two phases; The heli-cam and manoeuvres phase. The heli-cham phase changes the race as a whole with pilots moving up and down the positions as they boost to first place. The second phase zooms in to each player, where they can have 1-on-1 tests of speed, or they can even decide to swap paint with the RIP racers around them. Mechanics are simple and elegant, and result in lots of tension.

It was so fun, I am running another game tonight. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have a good time.

Physical copy not yet received, so cannot yet comment on the quality of printing

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Gravity RIP Softcover, Premium Color Book + Digital PDF [BUNDLE]
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