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Warmonger's Guide: Boot Camp (Kickstarter/7th Edition) $9.99 $5.99
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Warmonger\'s Guide: Boot Camp (Kickstarter/7th Edition)
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Warmonger's Guide: Boot Camp (Kickstarter/7th Edition)
Publisher: 23rd Century Productions, LLC
by russ b. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/17/2022 16:54:11

Battlelords of the 23rd century, now by 23rd century productions, is determined to show it's still in the positive hitpoints zone by releasing new products as quick as they can. Given the vast amount of earlier edition stuff waiting to be updated to the new 7e rules this isn't much of a problem.

“Warmonger's guide: Bootcamp” is an effort to keep a stream of releases coming. It's about 48 pages of fairly dense material for the new edition. Oddly enough, for a game that has a reputation of being mostly based on combat, there is a lot of RPG material here meant to make your characters more detailed in roleplaying terms.

We start with a look at the current year in the BL universe with a notable event that happened in each of the 10 months of it. (The galactic alliance uses a 10 month calendar.) The GM could start his campaign at the beginning and work his way thru whatever events he chooses of make the aftermaths of these events campaign settings.

Then we get to malachi's primer for homebodies, which has brief notes on how each species tends to act in various situations, this is pretty much all RPG material, not a lot of it will be directly useful in combat. It just gives a few general tips, like why Chatilians don't like talking to most people, it's actually not rudeness, why you might want to run if an Eradani's face turns blue and why you should be concerned when a Mutzachan suddenly stops his near constant talk. Just little notes useful for making alien behavior kind of alien.

Then we get some more detailed info on each races culture and biology. Including reproductive biology. Some of it is interesting, some of it we didn't need to know. But again, it fleshes out the alien races. There are also notes on law, government and customs. Nice stuff and again, meant to encourage roleplay.

Now we come to the racial “I was just growing up” tables. The main book has general set of these, bootcamp adds one for each race. Like most of the character development and history tables in BL, these are optional and for good reason. A low roll will usually buff you character a bit and a high one will nerf him severely. If you feel lucky you can roll on the, but beware that if you roll much over 60 you will likely get a bad result, and if you roll a 90+ you should probably just get you character killed and start a new one. The bad results on these tables can really make your character something you don't want to play. That's why they're optional.

There are the quirks tables that you really have to ask yourself “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do, ya, punk? Because this table is generally not good if you roll over 50.

There are a very few new items in the book. A handful of new weapons, 2 disintegrators, a pulse weapon, an affordable omega weapon that does little damage and two arc throwers. There are some examples of 'bargain basement armor” that would likely not be taken by any player but make good armor for things like cultists and street punks recruited as cannon fodder and giving armor that may make them feel safe but really aren't, I.E. good characters for starting PCs to take on. We have some generic equipment like a hostile identification computer built into a set of sunglasses, spray on healing serum for surface wounds and a 'parasite removal tool” I won't describe.

Lastly there are plot hooks, some quite intriguing and nicely suited to BLs space opera setting.

There are a few typos, the weapons sample isn't on the page it's listed on, but its less than 50 pages, you'll find it.

All in all if you like the new edition of BL it's a nice to have, especially if you want to do some roleplaying between combats. At 10 USD it might be just a little overpriced but not badly, and worth it for a little bit to keep you interested until more major releases come. If you just play for combat, this won;t do you a lot of good but buy it anyway to support the company.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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